Welcome to Hawaii

I love the comments a lot; tell everyone thank you!

So disclaimer. . . .I hate emailing.  It’s scary and overwhelming and way more stressful than it should be, so while it’s probably going to make it waaaaay more difficult for you. . . . you might have to work with more letters.  Sorry?  I’m just trying to keep you too busy to worry about me 🙂  Just kidding.  If you’re not worried about me, there’s probably something wrong with you because I am clearly a sketchy missionary.  I’m trying though!

First things first, I don’t know how these library computers work, so. . . .we’ll see if anything weird happens.  Not that you would know.

Leaving my district was hard.  I loved them a lot and handshakes?  Probably the worst form of goodbye in the history of the world.  Thankfully, two of my Elders came to Hawaii with me!  Regretfully, this means that I cannot email them for 18 months. Why!!!!!??? so that sucks.  But I did get to talk to Elder Matson by chance on the phone a few days back!  It made my day 1000 times better.  Especially since he and his trainer ran off before we said goodbye last Wednesday.


The mission home was awesome!  In Hawaii they have this super cool grass stuff that I can’t even explain.  It kind of reminds me of snow though.  Which does not make any sense unless you’ve walked on it before.  Sorry.

My hair has been, interesting. Not curly, not flat, but fuzzy.  It’s super great.

President Warner is amazing and I agree with his style of exercise clothing.  Sister Warner is full of personality and if I had five words to describe her they would be,

“Emily Post in the flesh.”

Carlsen &

We opened our  “Christmas” letters Tuesday night which is when I realized how funny God really is:  Waipahu, 1st ward.  I get to learn a language after all!  Samoan, baby. . . .so that’ll be an adventure.  Also, He’s testing my self discipline, because food. I’m afraid I’m going to get fat.  And also my level of commitment because we white-washed into the area, meaning we know nothing, and our area book is practically useless, so we’re 98% blind since we’re supposed to be working entirely off of referrals.  Seriously, 60% of the addresses in the book are either incomplete, incorrect, or nonexistent.  It’s been fun!  And by fun I mean slower than slow.

Welp.  My companion is now waiting on me so I have to go, but just know, I’m hanging on alright.  There have been moments.  I don’t really connect with my companion (yet) so we’re mostly quiet when it’s just us.  Also, I pray for all of you about 40 times a day since that’s how often we pray around here.  It’s cool.  Just know, I love you a lot.  Probably more than I should.

Aloha, OR talofa, Aubrey

p.s. Tell Barbara I’m drinking in her emails. And Chickie’s too.

Group backyard

Editor’s note

Waipahu is the name of an artesian spring. In Hawaiian, Waipahu is derived from wai, meaning water, and pahū, meaning “burst or explode”; combined, Waipahu means “water forced up (as out of a spring)”. The early Native Hawaiians took pleasure in the cool and clear water gushing from the ground and named this spring Waipahu. Before the Western civilization set foot in Hawaii, the Hawaiians considered Waipahu to be the capital of Oahu. Royalty in the Kingdom of Hawaii would often gather and enjoy the fresh water from the spring Waipahu.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.54.47 PM


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Hawaii

  1. Hey guess what!! I will be moving to Hawaii probably in November. So when I get down there I’ll let ya know!:-) I’m so glad your doing good! I hear ya an out leaving districts and not being able to give hugs. Just wait until it’s time to come home! It’s the worst!! Keep loving the mission and serving with all your heart!:-)


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