No time, but . . . . .

August 10, 2015

Okay so most important things first. So glad you’re all still alive. I hear Pocatello’s been pretty sketchy lately… (Machete guy, what?) Also, shout out to Brandon (Pope) for the great great great letter. I will reply sometime before December of 2016. Probably. Fa’afetai to all others who send me paper stuffs and not paper stuffs. I love it all. Fa’fetai tele mo le birthday gifts tina ma tama (I don’t know how to make the accent mark things so those words are not entirely accurate…. oh well). The toms fit perfectly and the shirts are aulelei (beautiful).

Funny story… you know how I cried over losing dad’s flashlight a few weeks ago? And then how he’s the best Dad ever and he sent me a new one for my Birthday? That was awesome. See, the universe really needed that extra little bit of love to convince it to bring my original flashlight back from the void. I literally found it on my birthday.

By the way, I waited to open them all! It drove Sister Smith so crazy…… Definitely worth it. 😉

Sister Smith was the really best soa (companion) ever this week. I was a grouch the last few days leading up to Friday. No jokes, thinking about being 20 made me want to die. Nineteen was such a good year for me! Plus, I feel like once you’re out of the teens, that’s when you have to actually start behaving as an adult is expected to behave. And I’m just not sure how I feel about being held to that standard. Dang. She “surprised” me so ‘good’. Or she might have were it possible to keep secrets from a Siamese twin.

My day was good. Elder Tavita is crazy and text bombed us at 2:56 am with birthday wishes. Sister Smith decorated the pad with orange streamers and purple balloons (Halloween in August. It’s going to be a thing). Then while I was out opening my presents she snuck off into the bedroom with a roll of toilet paper and I went to check in on her and she yelled at me: “Stay away or I’ll cut you!”

Yeah, on second thought, Waipahu is pretty sketchy.

Then she brought me a super cool fan wrapped in toilet paper. It was truly lovely. She also got me chop sticks because I love eating with them, and I’d just run out of disposables.

Basically, the day was good. At lunch, Sisters Frost and Whipple brought be a yummy cake, that I’d pretended not to see them buy last Monday when we were at Don Q, and a sweet sweet card that I’d pretended not to see everyone sign at district meeting last Tuesday.

Saturday though, was weird. Bishop Matagiese had been in the hospital for about 1.5 weeks for a back surgery (removing a tumor). Due to some complications he didn’t make it. It was a shock to most everyone. No one knew he’d been sick. Church on Sunday, was of course very difficult but also very emotionally and spiritually powerful. The program went as it had been planned. Everything was normal, but also not. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out around here. Just another thing to add to the list of things making my mission slightly atypical, right?

Love you all lots. Keep praying. The Samoans have already taught me lots of things– but I think my favorite so far is how to REALLY pray. Vague, yes, but try it sometime, will you? REALLY pray (tatalo).

Alofa Atu, (I love you, or more literally, love I leave) Aubrey

P.S. We played ultimate today! It was wonderful. 🙂


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