The Hike

Started on July 28, 2015

Heyyyyy.  I forgot.  I also ate pickled mango.  Homemade, too!  God is good.  Really good.  Miracles continue to exist.

Haaaa . . . So Sister Smith had a blood vessel in her eye pop a week or so ago, and everyone was super concerned for a few days.  You know, wanted to make sure I’d been containing my anger or something. 😉 Anyway, Wednesday one of the ward members came up to us to check in on it and recommended she talk to one of the women in the ward about getting some breast milk to put in it to help it heal.  Is that a thing?

Anyway, Sister Moors gave us each our own LavaLava (skirt wrap) on Sunday!  The members here . . . . crazy amazing.  Brother Malaki, 1st counselor in the bishopric told us that in Samoa the missionaries get fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’m pretty sure I would’ve had a heart attack by now if every meal was as big of a deal as dinner is. Holy dang.

So the HIKE!  Elder Valdez was supposed to call or text us Sunday night to confirm a time and place.  I even committed him to it.  You know, in true missionary fashion. But somehow he forgot.  So at 6:13 a.m. the other sisters in our district called to tell us they were “almost there.”  Sister Smith wasn’t really awake and could not have been any more confused about what was going on.  Eventually she kind of figured it out and said to them, “Yeah, I don’t think we’ll go.”


So I made her hand me the phone, but it fell and exploded (gotta love those dinos) so the call ended.  I put it back together and was getting ready to call the elders (since that’s actually who I’d thought she had been talking to), but they read my mind or something because they called us right as the phone turned on. Cool cool.

Sister Smith hated me for it all morning, but I made her get up and get ready, and we made it to the church by 6:35. Yay.

The hike was super fun.  Probably super pretty, too, but since I’m not the best walker, I mostly focused on the ground.

Funny thing:  about 15 minutes into the hike we were heading down this sketchy rooty hill thing.  Super steep.  So, of course I almost died.  And maybe almost swore.  And then it hit me.  We hadn’t prayed before leaving.  So I did what I do and yelled a little bit.  Then Elder Valdez prayed in Tagalog for us.  It was super awesome and everything was quiet and peaceful.  And then midway through the prayer someone, i.e. Elder Tavita, said amen.  I don’t know if it was by accident or on purpose, but either way, for some reason it was hilarious.  And yes.  I recognize that we as missionaries are probably supposed to be a little more mature and holy than that but we are, after all, still human.  Plus, I’m pretty sure we all repented a little bit in our hearts, so I think it’s okay.  Maybe.

We trekked on through mud and tree and stream (Hallelujah), climbed down some rocks (Robert would be proud), goofed off at the waterfall, mourned the fact that we are currently all missionaries who compulsively follow all the rules, climbed up some rocks, and headed on back. (more uphill, than down, by the way)

Sister Smith and a few elders were behind me and . . . .

Ugh, I’m just skipping to the gist of it.  While waiting for Sister Smith to catch up, Elder Tavita asked me if I’d played sports.  Funny Right?  I told him no, so he asked again what it was that gave me all my energy.  Ummmmmmm, probably all the pani popo. But instead I told him I’d always done a lot of ballet.  He said, “Cool cool (I’m paraphrasing of course), I always wanted to date a ballet dancer.” And me, being me, said “Hey! That’s me.”  Yes out loud.

Do I even have a brain?

Again, I’ve repented in my heart many times already, so hopefully everything is good.

Actually, for some reason my whoops-moment didn’t really phase us.  We just carried on.  Still though, definitely going to be one of those things that haunts me in the years to come.

JUST KIDDING. So in case you didn’t know already, sometimes my letters are written over the course of a few days.  When I wrote that page (the one before this), I thought he’d forgotten about it, or maybe even that he didn’t even notice I’d said it (yes delusional).

Then last night happened.  Elder Tavita and Elder Neff called to check up on our p-day plans.  Long story short, he made me awkward all over again and he DEFINITELY hasn’t forgotten.  Nor will he ever.  I’m just glad I know how to say NO in Samoan. Leai. My favorite word.

Anyway . . . Life’s been good lately.  I still don’t know what the heck a “prompting” is but I am finally beginning to get a grasp on what exactly the spirit is and does for me. I’d write more, but my spirit theory would probably end up being the length of Jesus the Christ (book by James E Talmage) or something.  No one wants that.

Alofa atu, Aubrey

Ended on August 3, 2015 . . . .haha

P.S. Do you think it’s possible to stay in one area my whole mission? Because that’d be good.  I like Waipahu:  And people.

Editor’s note

This handwritten letter is a continuation of The Church is True posted on August 1, 2015.  The original email was dated 7/27/2015.


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