Every Six Weeks . . .

August 17, 2015

Moooooooooooooooooooom! I Love you so much. And the whole family. And my friends, too.

Anyway. Things that went through my head this week:

–Does Samoa have wifi?

–Does Amazon deliver to Samoa?

–Either way, it doesn’t really matter.

–I will live in Samoa one day. 

Also, yesterday, for the first time since being in Hawai’i, I SAW a mosquito bite me. Weird. Exciting things have been happening.

For example, transfers. Elder Tavita (a Samoan called Marshallese speaking. Aka. date a dancer guy) left to Maui– yet another testament to me that God is mindful.

It’s been hard, because now I have to make new friends all over again. When you’re a missionary it’s like you and everyone you know has some terminal illness. Every 6 weeks the doctors tell you whether you will or won’t last another 6 weeks. This week was a little rough, for several reasons, but I definitely think that contributed. Sister Smith is a saint though and while we were exchanging/signing journals/pages with Elders Tavita and Neff she snuck a hint, and they asked if I wanted a blessing before they left. I frisbeed the signing journal page Elder Tavita had made for me straight to her neck and then Apologized for the beast mode and said yes. Elder Neff did it.

Hm… Maybe I’ll write more about that whole thing in a letter. Good things. But also maybe not, because I already wrote about it in my journal and I’m too lazy to double up. So 16 months from now if it’s still important enough that I remember? Sure, why not.

Speaking of, only 16 months left! SIXTEEN WHOLE MONTHS. That means I’m done with 11% of my mission folks. Which doesn’t seem like a lot, but also kind of does. My brain is truly messed up.

Funny things:

Sister Smith was demonstrating something to do with faith in Christ to our HILARIOUS 9 yr old investigator Abigail (Baptismal date for Sept 19th) :), by doing trust falls. First Sister Smith caught Abigail, but then Abigail wanted to do the catching so they switched. Don’t worry, Abigail did catch her… (Insert body part here). Her mom and I DIED. Sooooo funny.

Then later that night I was writing in my journal (About the trust fall incident) when I heard someone outside. I turned around to the curtain behind my bed where I was sitting and saw a bulge. For some reason I went to touch it and it was A HAND. So I screamed, “Sister Smith there’s someone outside!” And she was in the bathroom washing her face so she freaked and yelled at me to get in there with her… and then it’s all a blur. Long story short, we still don’t know who it was, but we have a few potential suspects, ie. Sister Moors…

Aight I’m out of time, but I’ve got more goods so hopefully I can find the time to write you all a bit this week.

Alofa atu, Aubrey

P.S. Miss you mom. I’ll write, I swear it! Today was bishop’s funeral. Things are okay. Different. But okay. You should’ve seen the choir. It was basically the whole Samoan ward. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason everyone was able to fit into the chapel. And the gym (overflow).

I’ll pray for your conference performance:)

And sorry I didn’t add many spiritual stuffs . . . . here are my studies from a few days ago to make up for it.


Viga, Fagogo, their little sister. . . .whose name I can’t remember, with Lemalie and Niyah. Just a few of our Ani Ani Place friends!


Also, one of the missionaries new to our area. I think his name is Elder Wilson? Not sure. I met him about 2 minutes ago.



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