KoKo (Cocoa) Samoa

August 24, 2015

Hi Mom:)

I don’t have any pictures yet in my neon glasses . . .. But I have worn them! Actually, I have a video with them on, but I can’t send it because of rules, and size limitations and…. you know. Stuffs. The video is actually of a song I made up on the ukulele called “Hey Soul Seeker” and it sounds NOTHING like the Train song, in case that’s what you’re thinking… or actually it might be somewhat similar. Just a little though 😉 Ha.

While it’s on my mind, is there any way you could ship my Ukulele out here? Or should I just get another? 😉

So keeping track of my life i.e. journal writing and letter making and email typing, is really depressing to me. I want to record it all, yes, all, but I can’t because then I wouldn’t have time to do anything else. Right now, I’m just praying really hard that our lives are being documented minute by minute so we can watch episodes of our time here on the earth once we’re back up in the heavens.

So in my shorthand way, things:

  1. The best kind of comp inventory? Hold some pillows and let your companion take a few swings. SO FUN.
  2. We definitely had an 8 lesson day this week. 8 lessons. 4 with member, 2 other, and 2 less actives.
  3. Good thing we did, because the next day we had one. (Hence, the need for a special kind of comp inventory) 😀
  4. I’m getting particularly good at telling the truth, because sometimes you just want to eat by yourself


“Who’s your fafaga [dinner] tonight?”

“The Tialaveas are on the calendar.”

…Which they were. Except then they rescheduled to another day.


“Did you have your dinner appointment?”

“Oh yes, we just came from Sister Manuo’s!”

…And we had. But after the visit she sent us away with money, which we, of course, mailed straight to the Blessings from Heaven Fund at the mission office.

  1. Question. Korea? Stop not telling me things please, it’s not cool.
  2. Our new friends Tupu and Kolisi gave me a chunk of Samoan Cocoa! Soooooo Happy. I love this stuff.
  3. I don’t know how #1 sounded, but I definitely love my companion too much. If we weren’t clicking before, I totally forgot about it. We’re so awesome I don’t even know. If only I had more time to tell you………
  4. We have two investigators with baptismal dates, so that’s exciting! Storm, the sweetest person, ever, asked us if she should hurry and get her tattoos finished now… haha. We handled it to the best of our abilities. It was pretty solid. We left her with a picture of the (Malu malu) Temple, and when we turned around after saying goodbye she was still just staring at it. So cool.
  5. Sonny is my best friend. Like, a brother kind of. He teases me so hard-core I should probably cry, but it’s all good fun. He’s my favorite Samoan teacher, too. The other day on our way out of Aniani we pulled up to him outside to give him another Book of Mormon because his mom took his with her back up to the Mainland. Since I’m the new assigned driver in our companionship Sister Smith was on the passenger side, he came up to the car, dumped some beer on his hand, swiped it across her forehead and said “you are blessed” SONNY! He just turned 31. Or 32. I don’t remember. He kills me though. Totally love that guy. He’s Catholic. Super wise, too. The nicest drunk man you will ever meet. Ever. On the teaching record under baptismal date I put “Sometime before Sister C leaves Waipahu.” It’s going to happen.
  6. We have other investigators too. I just never know what exactly to focus on when I write this stuff… probably something more spiritual. My bad. I swear I do missionary stuff out here, too.
  7. Hurricane coming! Maybe, we’ll see. It’s been soooo hot and humid, but last night it finally rained (definitely felt the thunder, which is weird, it never thunders or lightnings here…) and when I woke up, the pad was only 78.8 degrees. I was so freezing. Really, I thought for a few minutes that I had a fever.
  8. My question for the week: When it talks about the Second Coming, (like in 1 Nephi 22) and it says the righteous will not perish (cool coincidences happened: the night before I read this I’d just told Sister Smith in a random amazing car ride conversation that I was fairly certain some would die because collateral damage, to me, seems inevitable), does that literally mean we will be entirely protected from destruction and chaos that comes? Or does it simply mean we need not fear? I have a few pages in my study journal about it, but I won’t bother you this week with the mess that is my brain.
  1. Another thing I’ve been pondering: In 1 Nephi 17:1, Nephi says that God directed him “from time to time.” My question, does God want us to become self-reliant or not? Without all of my elaboration it doesn’t seem very cool, but take it, as you will. And then go a little deeper. Again, I’ve got pages. What does Dad say?

Love you all a lot. Sorry the letters have kind of gone by the wayside. Maybe someday I’ll get back on track. For now though, fixing up the area book kind of takes priority. Dang Elders…

Alofa ia te ‘oe (not sure that’s right, oh well)


So this is what cocoa looks like. At least, once its been pounded and stuff.


Sister Smith hates it…. which is really sad and also really funny because every time I bring it up in conversation someone gives us Cocoa Samoa or Cocoa rice…. I love torturing my Comp;)

Geckos yo, the bright green kind,


 and our illegal household pet. We’ve named him Chopped (his tail is weird).


Side note. We played volleyball today. I wasn’t actually half bad. And so once again we see, God blesses his missionaries.

Leaving for real. Love you.


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