August 31, 2015

Mom! I’m so glad to hear that Stake Conference went well ūüôā And that everyone has survived yet another week. Lots went down In Waipahu the past few days. It’s been good.

In a list:


Monday: I got told I had Samoan hair. I’m practically one of them Mom. No jokes, I have found my people. Islanders are me. Also talked, so pretty great story with a part member family. ¬†Aka funny experiences with prayer. Aka that one time we were sitting down to eat and the phone rang right as Dad was about to bless the food and instead of saying, “Dear Heavenly Father” he said, “Hello.” ¬†I will never forget that moment. ¬†So good. ¬†Or the time Sister Smith pretended to see a bug on my bed so I went over to look and then she tackled me because “[my] prayers are so freaking long!” ¬†Ha. They are sometimes. ¬†All for you folks though! ¬†All for you. ¬†And the Samoans, obviously.

Tuesday: Our car broke. ¬†Couldn’t tell you why. ¬†But it was exciting. ¬†Because we did another emergency exchange and I got to go meet 7 Seventh Day Adventist guys at McDonalds and talk Bible. ¬†I know I love it deep down, but sometimes I really do hate that book, too. ¬†It was also exciting because it rained, rained, rained. ¬†All day. I think we probably would have been less wet if we’d jumped into the ocean. ¬†Thankfully, the Fetuao’s drove by before we were completely drowned and dropped us off to where we were headed. ¬†I still feel bad; we got their seats so wet…

Wednesday: We found out that my BFF Sonny has been giving his Books of Mormon to his neighbors. ¬†And Nora and Jake, my other BFFs have been reading it. ¬†Every night before they go to bed. ¬†I love my life. ¬†We also had an interview with the President Warner which was incredible. ¬†I love that man a lot. ¬†I wish we had more time to talk because I can just tell that his mind and my mind are very much alike. ¬†Mine is just 40 years less refined. ¬†I’ll get there. ¬†Someday.

Thursday¬†we had exchanges with my sisters. Not even lying. ¬†I’m Sister Smith’s 3rd baby and our Sister training leaders, Sisters Judkins (my comp for the day) and Sister Mason are her other prot√©g√©s. ¬†It was basically a family reunion. ¬†We met with Storm (one of ours with dates) and it was really really miraculous. ¬†I feel like with Storm, it always is. ¬†I would tell you about it, but I don’t really know how. ¬†Just know, God is always in control.

Friday: Another 8 lesson day. Those are always nice. I FINALLY started reading “The 4th Missionary.” Took me long enough. It’s been good to kind of understand through someone else’s words, though, how I’ve been feeling. Everyone should read it. And apply it to life in general.

We saw Sonny again! And Niu. My favorite favorites. Not that I’m planning on leaving anytime soon, but I might have to deliberately break the mission rule before I go and give those friends of mine goodbye hugs. Sometimes in Hawai’i that sort of thing is out of our control anyway. ¬†Like, members of the bishopric break that rule. Whoops.

Saturday: We met with a bunch of less actives, who I love. Including this Marshallese guy named Richie, who is not in our ward. ¬†We just see him on the street. ¬†You know, beer in hand. ¬†He’s so funny.

Sunday: Our two favorite less actives came to church. (JK they’re all our favorites.) We thought we were going to eat octopus after church, but instead it was chicken and rice. So that was a bummer (hallelujah, don’t think I’m quite ready for any tentacles….).

Anyway, today we partied with our Elders. And¬†tonight¬†we’re having dinner with our Sisters. ¬†Mission life is good. ¬†It’s hard thinking about how all my Boise people are back together. ¬†And Emma’s a junior… And Kate’s practically a doctor already. ¬†She and her white coat are adorable…. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. ¬†No lies.



Love you mum. Study the scriptures and other things too especially about Faith in God vs. Faith in Jesus, and in general God vs. Jesus. The doctrine I understand . . . . but I’ve been really confused by some scripture and “True to the Faith” stuff lately. It’s so simple, but also not. I love being a Carlsen.

Alofa is te ‘oe, Aubrey

Editor’s note

Check out the photo from last weeks post. ¬†It showed the kitchen table with a variety of interesting items. ¬†I noticed the birk sandal and asked why it was on the table. ¬†Aubrey’s response was, “Haha, pretty sure it was a cockroach swatter.”¬†


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