WaiNewEwa Baby Shower

7 September 2015

Dang. I forgot about fall. It sounds nice.

First answers/info.

Yes I received it. Thanks 🙂

And yes I received Esther’s too, sooo cute!

Also, yes, please keep sending the emails to my lovely, aka Megan.

No exercise program at the moment.  Currently I spend my extra morning time updating the area book.  Which really is a pretty big work out given what the elder’s left us.

Thanks for keeping me in the real world!  I’d comment on everything you told me about, but then I’d be here all day, so just know, I appreciate it. A lot.

My week…..

Things definitely happened. But for some reason at this moment I can’t remember anything at all.  Really ironic since I had a dream a few days ago that I got home from my mission and even though I’d finished the whole thing, I could only remember the first few months so then Dad proved to me that I had indeed finished it and something clicked and I got all angry and said, “Why didn’t you tell me I had a brain tumor?!” Super sketch.  Anyway…. I dream about home a lot.  Always a weird feeling.

Now that that’s out of the way, the first thing that comes to mind is not holy.  At all.

So on Tuesday we were out in Ewa Beach visiting Storm and while we were waiting for her to come downstairs we were playing outside with her granddaughter, and some guy walked past and said “God bless.”  And brushed his hand across my stomach.  I didn’t think too much about it . . . . . . You know how these islanders are.  Kidding of course. 😉 Kind of.  Anyway, a few minutes later he came back and asked, “Are you pregnant?” No joke. And he was a completely normal person, too.  And this is totally hilarious because I know everyone is probably thinking dang, she must’ve blown up out there pretty quickly . . . . . but I swear . . . .  Just . . . . Yeah.  I’ll send the pics later.

Our Marshallese elders went to town with it, of course, as did Sister Smith, obviously. And at this point I’m pretty sure all of the WaiNewEwa zone knows. So basically everything funny that has happened this week has been related to that.  Like, pregnancy jokes galore.  And when I say galore, I mean GALORE.  Galore as in at least 4 an hour every hour since 8:00 p.m. Tuesday.

As far as I can tell the end is not near.  It’s all good fun.  Being teased isn’t such a bad thing to me.  Which is a great blessing because I’ve definitely noticed that friends and strangers alike like to tease me.  The good kind of teasing I mean.  Like with Sonny.  Or Niu.  Or the Elders (*cough* Neff) Or our waiter at the best Mexican restaurant in Hawai’i.  What can I say, the jokesters love me :).

My baby shower is not this upcoming Monday, but the next one, by the way. I expect nothing but the best gifts.  Fa’afetai in advance.

Aight. Moving on now . . . . . We had to drop a few of my favorites this week, which was painful.  You know how I get.  Missions are evil.  But we definitely had quite a few miracles this week too.

Like Monday!  Sister Smith and I went over to visit some of our favorite less actives, Lina and Mau.  We were just talking at their door and then all of the sudden there were other people too, Mau’s little brother and Lina’s cousin. David, who we’d met tracting just a few days before–who we’d gone back to visit but wasn’t home. . . .  it was perfect. We went inside and talked multiple stories.  Mau asked why I was on a mission.  So I got to share that miraculous story. (tangent, but not:  Adam) Then Mau was awesome and decided to finally download the Gospel Library app.  Yay.  And then we talked my favorite story:  The Book of Mormon.  David said he would read it before we even invited him to, and then the normal story talking commenced.

The cool part though was this:  I don’t think Sister Smith heard it, but later David said, “I knew you were going to remember me.”  Yaaaaaah.  He is so amazing.  We went back to see him last night and he did read–Huge miracles happening here.  Still no baptisms, which the ward mission leader seems pretty bummed about, but we did after all, start practically from scratch.  We’ve been working hard.  And, cool thing:  every week has been a record week for our companionship.  So sad to think these could be our last few weeks together!


Anyway. . . . Got to go. Love you bunches though.

Alofa atu, Aubrey

p.s. I ate shrimp again.  Don’t like it, also a whole tilapia.  Like, a WHOLE tilapia. Plus lots of things, did I ever mention the Kimchi?  Yeah. . . . so glad I didn’t get called to Korea.  Annnnnnd I went to Catholic Church yesterday! With Sonny!  It was good!  I would love to talk to you all about it. . . . mostly Dad, they’re so close it’s scary. But also, somehow, not close at all.  So tricky.  Sometime maybe I’ll write some letters again . . . . we shall see.


One thought on “WaiNewEwa Baby Shower

  1. Sounds like you are doing well on your mission and having fun at the same time. Keep on keeping Audrey! We send our love and best to you.

    Dick & Cenia Parsons


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