Temple Day and Sister Jessica Smith

Four Languages!

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15 September 2015

Hey Mum.

Sorry I didn’t tell you we were emailing Tuesday this week!

Definitely picking up an accent around here.  As in, some Tongan lady asked me if I was local.  Is that a good thing? or no?

Sooo super rushed today.  It was another amazing week though, and Abigail is getting baptized on Saturday!  Way exciting.  She’s hilarious.


Anyway, in a list:

Buckets are happening (district jokes).

I wish I could talk to you guys every night.

I hate having transfers hanging over my head.

The temple was cool.


Did I mention I wish I could talk to you guys every night.

I SWEAR I’ll write good stuff next week.

We met some awesome potentials, so that’s good.

I printed off your emails so I can read them later.

I love you a lot.

Don’t send any packages this week in case for some reason I do get transferred.  Better not, though..

See, I don’t look prego, do I?  I guess maybe the guy was just seeing the glow that is, The Light of Christ  😉


I’ll be more careful anyway.

Loves to all!

Tofa Soifua, Aubrey

Editors’s note

Apparently sister missionaries are very efficient and generous.  Since short on time, one loaded pictures and one wrote the email.  We are grateful for Sister Smith’s contribution this week:

I Have Been Saved!


This week has been crazy and eventful 🙂  So we have an 9 yr. old investigator named Abigail and we have a baptismal date for this Saturday!  We had a crazy week and we weren’t sure if it would happen so we were going to push it back.  But they want it, so we have been running around like crazy getting everything put together.  She is super funny, and we always laugh so hard when we meet with her.


Another crazy thing that happened was, well you know the referral we got about the guys who wanted to meet at McDonalds???  They are awesome!  They are just a bunch of Samoan men from different religions who discuss their beliefs, and they tease each other and us like crazy!  There is one guy who is super amazing and willing to hear the gospel while the others Bible bash but not….. so Sister Carlsen taught the other guy and was arranging for another time when we could just meet him alone without all of his crazy friends, while I talked with the Bible bashing people and was like “O cool, where is that at?”  These guys were from the Pentecostal church, and they were saying that we don’t have to do anything to be saved.  We already are.  So he stopped talking and was like, “Do you want to be saved??”  I looked at Sister Carlsen and smiled and said, “Sure!” So he and his other friend held my hands and it was kinda like a prayer and they started out by saying “Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!”  And then they said repeat after me, ” Lord I accept you into my life. Thank you for your grace.” and so on…….and afterwards he was like, ” You are saved!!!”  Meanwhile Sister Carlsen and the awesome investigators were laughing at all the craziness.  Poor McDonalds!  No wonder they have a 1 hour time limit!

This morning we went to the temple and it was wonderful.  The temple brings a lot of peace and it was nice to get a refocus on forever :).  Well I love you all and transfer is next Wednesday. Sister Carlsen and I are nervous to see what will happen, but we have had so much fun together and she will always be my Sista!  I will let you know what happens :0

Love Sista Smith



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