Abigail’s Baptism

21 September 2015

Ohhhhhhh Home sounds so nice mum. I wish I could adequately explain how it feels to look at the pictures and read about what y’all are doing. It’s the weirdest thing. I’m sorry to hear about the skunk incident though! That…. could’ve been worse. Hahaha.

This morning I wrote a rough draft to type up as my email to you, but I think I’ll just mail that off and write other stuff here instead.  Sound good?  Good.

Alright, so, going to be completely honest, I think I’m going through a three-month slump.  It’s all mental.  We’ve been doing the same work, and our results around here have been better than ever. And ain’t no way I want to leave.  But I miss the mainland, so bad.  I’ve got some serious island fever.  Don’t you worry though!  I be coming out stronger anytime now, because God is good and regrets are my greatest fear.  Which sucks, because there’s always MORE to be doing.  Now that I think of it… I think that’s why I feel slumpy.  Mum, how am I supposed to fix that?  I’ve spent so much time trying to figure it out, and all it ever does is make me go even more crazy.  Ugh.

Anyway, things happened today and we don’t have a car for I don’t know how long. (I was NOT driving . . . . I’m completely fine too in case you were worried.) This is basically a dream come true for me.  I always wanted a walking mission!  It is kind of inconvenient though, since our pad is like 3 miles away from the places that we spend most all of our time (aka Aniani and Puptown).

Quick updates that will or won’t be expounded on in the letter:

  1. Transfers came and went and we stayin! Our buds, too, thank goodness. The only ones leaving are Pearl City elders, Sister Frost, and Elder Putman. So that’s a bummer, but we’ve still got the Marshallese, so the family is still intact.
  1. Abigail’s baptism? PERFECT. Exactly as planned, full out back floating and all :D.  Love that girl.

IMG_9432 IMG_9434

  1. Got another Baptism coming!  David.  He’s 18 and doesn’t know yet that we’re planning on dunking him, but I’m sure he’ll come around to the idea soon enough.  Also Lila. And Alo.  Ohhhhh Alo.
  1. Still no Bishop.
  1. Stormylee always brings us miracles.  Someday I will write full stories, for now, only vagueness is permissible.  See, I do have a filter some days.  Short story:  Thursday she was sad, so we talked story and scripture and prayer.  Friday she finally did pray, and she was so happy that she bought us shave ice.  I love Hawai’i.


  1. Tsunami warning…. that was fun.  Is it bad that I was happy about a potential natural disaster?  It’s not like I wanted anyone to get hurt or anything.  It was just so exciting!  We cancelled the meeting with our ward mission leader, because President Warner wanted us all at the Newtown Chapel. We spent a few hours there having a missionary type party, you know, church songs on our ukes.  And Elder Neff made 6 cups of rice. Then Pres. called and told us we were good to go.  I was fine with it, but I did feel a little bad for Elders Neff and Livaie.  They’re so cool that they each brought an entire suitcase.  Good thing, I guess, because had that wave come?  All I had was my lava lava, socks, and a beanie.
  1. Unfortunately there are loads more things that I don’t remember. Thank goodness they’re already written in the Book of Life.
  1. Can I have some peaches?
  1. Niu moved to Aiea. Dang.
  1. Sonny always makes me cry. Why, I don’t know. It’s just the love of some sort. I did it with some of my friends back home too….. no names.  They know, though.  He did come to church! Guess it paid off ;).  Jokes. Kind of.
  1. A bunch of our elders keep getting diagnosed with Asthma. Hawai’i?  I don’t understand.  Google it for me, will you? And then also look up all of the other diseases that can make you cough up blood because I’m worried about my family out here. Thanks :).

Love you Mom. You all should really read Preach My Gospel.  It’s so good.  I’m going to study that thing for the rest of my life.  I mean it.

There’s more stuff, but the white handbook says that I should be more selective about what I say to you guys, sooooooooo, yah.  Filter.  It’s all good though.  All good.
Send me more pictures.  Of everything.  And everyone.  How’s the Cat?  You don’t talk about her often enough.  Give Dad and Em and anyone you can lay your hands on all of my love.  When I get home from this sauna I’m going to be even huggier than I was before.  Believe it.

Alofa tele, Aubrey.

Editor’s note

Hawai’i has more asthma diagnosed than the continental U.S.  The paradise has high levels of volcanic smog or “Vog” as it is known.  We hope the coughing up blood is related to bronchitis and not the more serious diseases i.e. tuberculosis, etc.


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