The Bishop is IN!

28 September 2015

Soooooo things have definitely happened.

  1. Marshallese Elders have been quarantined for the past 3 days.
  2. Rough, since their kind of the ones who run errands for us now that we’re car-less (Did I mention it’s probably going to be a few weeks?) We’ve been walking MILES, like many miles.
  3. We might all have to be tested for Tuberculosis.
  4. We finally have a Bishop! (Bishop Malaki. Totally called it. Even called him Bishop a few times by accident over the last few weeks.)

I really could not be more excited about it. From the beginning, I knew it was going to be him. About a week after Bishop Matagiese’s passing we had dinner with Brother Malaki and his wife, and I asked him about the process of getting a new bishop and all that yum stuff. All he said was that he didn’t know how long he could keep up with all of the responsibilities because of his work, and sickness, and busy kids schedules (he has like 5, all ages). He said he’d been talking with the stake president about it, too and explicitly told him he was not a good, realistic candidate for the calling. I just sat there and looked at him thinking, “Yeah right, it’s going to be you anyway.”

Then the weeks kept going by with no news, so I started praying that Sister Smith and I would be able to begin building a stronger relationship with whoever was going to be called. Y’all know I’m really talented at seeing “signs” but no joke. It did happen with him.

Anyway, since the death, no one has even touched anything on the Bishop’s desk, or sat in his chair. Every week at PEC meeting it’s empty. And every week when I’d shake Bro Malaki’s hand and ask, “How are you?” He would look at me, answer honestly but briefly, and say the rest with his eyes. I feel like he knew that I knew even if it was an unsure knowledge. Yes, it’s a thing.

Yesterday before the big reveal in Sacrament meeting our conversation went like this…

Me: “Talofa Lava Brother Malaki. How are you doing?”

“Better…..”, he said.

Then I nodded and said, “Making it work, ya?”

Then the meeting was over and we did personal study and all that fun stuff and then we saw Brother Moors all dressed up and I thought, “Oh shoot, maybe it’s not Brother Malaki.”

But then it was. And then Brother Moors was called as 1st counselor.  Bam.  I really could not be happier.  There are lots of reasons that I believe Sister Smith and I are staying here together for another transfer.  A lot have to do with taking care of our friends, the Elders, even more of them have to do with her (Sister Smith) taking care of me (she da best)… but those are different stories for different days.  This, is definitely one of the big reasons, Bishop Malaki is exactly what this area needs. Agh.  Thinking about it makes me wiggle!  Yeahhhh, about that? I think I’ve developed some more ADHD.  Seriously, can NOT sit still.  I’m always pacing around the pad. It drives Sister Smith pretty crazy, so that’s a plus 😉 Jokes.  I love that girl.   Too much.

To sum it all up, yes, I’ve cried almost every day, but it’s been a good week.

Confession though. When we found out that the Elders might have to go home because of TB, Sister Smith and I decided it was time to make the yaah-valavas (Sorry, inside joke….) So we went to the fabric store we saw while walking the 4 miles out to Kunia (Such a nice stroll in 101 degree weather) 🙂 to get some fabric. Only to discover that the place was going out of business at 5:00 on Sunday. Might be a sacrilege to say, but I’m confident that we were supposed to be there. Even if it wasn’t a p-day… Way too many coincidences happened.   And for real, I felt the spirit when I picked out that fabric. We all gone be friends for life, and those lavalavas? They will be heirlooms. I have no doubt.

So, Women’s conference was good, ya?

Love you all bunches. Send me more pictures of everything. I don’t care if it makes me homesick. Sadness is often a happy feeling.  Complicated.  Don’t think I’m depressed, because I’m not.  I’m so good.  Just think Doctor Who.. that’s all.

Alofa, Aubrey

p.s.  There is a difference between ya, yeah, and yaah, by the way. I just can’t explain it…. Also, I love God.  And also, sometimes I want to roll my eyes at myself, too. Who knew that I would ever be a missionary? So weird. I still be trippin. Also, Storm still calls me Amish.  And God loves his missionaries.  How do I know?  I decided to discipline myself at Chili’s Saturday night and NOT order a skillet cookie. Then at the Moor’s house for dinner, on Sunday. THE VERY NEXT DAY.  As in, yesterday.  They made us a skillet cookie.  Cookie pie, y’all.  The church is true.

Update from Sister Smith

Talofa Lava!

Well I am still in Waipahu and am loving it.  So update from last week since I didn’t email.  Our car is broke from last week so we have been walking EVERYWHERE!  It takes 70 min to walk from where we live to the place we usually go and I am just sayin that Sister Carlsen is a saint for putting up with my complaining!  We were actually walking back to the church for the Women’s Broadcast and the Relief Society was throwing a fashion show and snack time before it started.  And I tripped but everything was ok, so we kept walking and Sister Carlsen stopped to get a rock out of her shoe when she informed me that my skirt was ripped quite a ways!  And we were on a busy street!  Talk about embarrassing!  So I just walked the rest of the night with my bag covering the rip.  It was aweful!

Another thing that is going on is that one of the elders in our zone has been coughing like crazy and we all thought that he has asthma because 3 other missionaries have been diagnosed with it.  But he would not call the mission nurse so we did it for him!  And it turns out that he has TB and they might test the rest of the zone to see if we’ve got it.

We had another lesson with Abigail and we had her teach the Restoration to us…. I am not just sayin this, but she was awesome!  The 9 year old should come teach the rest of us missionaries how it is done!  We also have this amazing new investigator named David.  We challenged him to pray and ask God if the things we were teaching him were true.  We saw him on Friday and followed up on the prayer, and he said he did and that his week has been amazing and he takes that as a yes from Heavenly Father!  AAAHHHHHH!  We were like that is awesome!  I love it when these things happen! We also had a lady come up to us and talk about the book of Mormon and she asked me, “I have a question.  How can this be so true?”  And I was just like, “It just is”.  And it is!  The Gospel is wonderful and when you keep prayin about things and readin the scriptures it’s like amazing!  I am so glad I got to grow up in this gospel!

I love you! Love Sista Smith

Remnant/Memory of our Car

IMG_9447Editor’s note

We are praying for a speedy (as much as possible) recovery for the elder who has active TB, and also that his companion, as well as those they have come into contact with, will be able to remain healthy, i.e. testing negative for Tuberculosis.  What an adventure.


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