Vacation, but not

5 October 2015

Yaaaaah. So, definitely thought I had TB all day Friday.

Okay, not all day.  After I got the injection the bubble went away.  But then a few hours later once we were back to proselyting, I checked it and bam.  It was really irritated. Like, dime size, slightly raised red spot.  That was exciting. Elder Neff was all, “Dooork.”  And Elder Livaie, had he been there instead of quarantined at the President’s house, would have been all “Doooooork.”  No doubt in my mind about it.  I miss him.

I’m glad Elder Neff is out and about again though.  He’s been going crazy!  We took their yaahvalavas to them a few days ago… they were so funny.  Two words: NERF GUNS.  And also RISK.  They played that a few times.  And had plans to build some things.  I won’t say what.

Anyway,  I’m super short on time today because the AC is broken here at the library and they have to close it down early for health reasons or something.  Apologies in advance.  I guess I’ll just skip to spiritual stuffs since I think that’s what I’m supposed to be sending home anyway.  Isn’t it?  My bad…..

Conference.  Daaaaang.  I love watching conference as a missionary.  It’s like, the best thing ever.  Vacation, but not.  And I really really really wish we had iPads so I could listen to it all 24/7.  Uchtdorf’s talk at the start of Saturday morning was a goody.  And Bednar’s at the end.  That was power.  I wish I could actually write about what I thought or felt or all the crazy or sad or happy or funny experiences I had this week, but alas . . . . I have 2 minutes until I’m kicked off.  More next week?

Loves, Aubrey

p.s. BTW, I don’t have TB after all.  hahaha


The world-renowned drive in restaurant:  Itchy Butt. Yes.


These palm trees are gunna be so big when I come back to visit!


Always Aniani

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