The Lasagna Miracle

12 October 2015

Hi Mum!

So I’ve written a letter. It’s kind of boring though; I don’t know what’s happening to me! I’ll tie it up and send it out tomorrow morning, regardless. Feel free to never post it. Or to dissect it so only interesting things are there. Ha, um, good luck.

I guess it’s just that life has been pretty predictable lately. I mean, yeah, of course we talk to different people every day. And Sister Smith and I definitely have hilariously hilarious moments like four times an hour. But then at the end of the day when I try to remember why we were laughing so hard I come up blank! Just too many things to hold in my head all at once? Or, perhaps it’s that we’re laughing at dumb things. Mm. Definitely some of both, I’d say.

So little things:

  1. The Elders stole pictures from everyone’s mission applications and made collages for planner covers. hm. Mostly Dorky. But yeah. Pretty sweet, too. We cool.
  1. The lasagna miracle: Saturday we went to dinner with the Ewa 2nd sisters because you know…. we lost our dinner calendar while walking everywhere. I was super super excited because normal food, and earlier that day I’d told Sister Smith, “All I really want is salad, lasagna, and fruit. No dessert.” Fast forward. We’re all taking turns washing out hands for dinner. Me last. And while Sister Smith was in the bathroom I heard the bishop and his wife telling the sisters everything they had. Okay, well, I didn’t hear all of it. But I did hear chop suey which I was slightly saddened by because we always have chop suey. But then God reminded me that He is good and I also heard them say “Lasagna.” WHAAAAAAA?! I got so excited I started hopping around and tapping on the bathroom door to tell Sister Smith to hurry up. Mum, I was so excited. Like, imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Santa Claus had gifted you with a synthesizer and then half that. Yah. I was THAT happy. So happy I started tearing up and then Sister Smith opened the door and was all, “Okay Sister Carlsen, what’s the issue now?” and I was without words. Just watery eyes and lasagna. Needless to say, it was a good Saturday.
  1. Sister Smith said, “Good morning,” to someone at 5:30 in the evening. Again. Did I ever tell you about the first time?! Soooooo funny. You know me: Why hold it together? LET THE LAUGH BE.
  1. Sometimes we don’t know what kind of hello or goodbye people are expecting so it gets awkward. Thursday night with Mau, one of our favorite LAs, it turned into a pretty drawn out game of rock-paper-scissors. Can you say DIED? I laughed so so so so hard. If only I had it on video…
  1. Sad thing: Turns out Mau dropped off David, our 18 yr old golden boy at the church Wednesday evening for volleyball because we forgot to go visit him (no car is rough, okay? we repented…) and tell him it was cancelled this week. No worries though. He still golden:)
  1. Did I mention we got an A/C? Yay. But we rarely use it because we’re used to sleeping in 85 degrees anyway. Oh well. More blessings for the future Samoan sisters I guess.
  1. Nora, one of the people we met when we were fresh in the area just started reading her Book of Mormon last Sunday. Last we checked (cough* Tuesday…) she was on page 139. Yaah. Plus she has two LAs living with her right now. Our other favorites. And Molly (who is also now reading. She told us yesterday “I wish I was Mormon.” Oh. Okay. No need worry, hun. We can do that for you.), who we just discovered is related to this other LA guy we met about 2.5 months ago. Connections connection connections….. No wonder they put 2 palagis in the Samoan ward. Everyone else already knows each other!

(And yes. That is indeed the ‘yaahvalava’ we made.)IMG_9772

  1. I got to go visit Elder Livaie this morning! Maaaahn I miss that friend of mine. He’s perfectly perfect and might even be back to work by the end of the week. Six other people in the mission tested positive. Not active though. I talked to President about it earlier on the hike that we took to celebrate Sister Whipple’s and President Warner’s Birthdays. We talked other things, too. And of course I didn’t hesitate to volunteer to serve in language wards for the rest of my mission. Marshallese next! Jokes. Maybe Chuukese. Or Yapese. We also played card games with President and Sister Warner at their house. It was with Sister Whipple (we exchanged for the day), Elders Wilson and Rantayo, and me.
The hike




  1. Speaking of Chuukese though. Kasteno. I love that kid. I’ll get a pic with him this week so I can show you how bright this kid’s eyes are. They look Mormon already, even though he’s not. We talk to him all the time but Friday he asked us if we’d go up and talk with his mum, too. So sweet. He kind of forgot to mention that she doesn’t really speak English. No probs, though. He translated. Except I just found out today that there aren’t currently any Chuukese speaking missionaries in our mission. That’s when my heart shattered a little bit. Ugh. What is the point of being called English speaking?!
  1. Kind of got locked into the church parking lot the other day. So then we climbed the gate. It was fun.
  1. I got “impromptu called” on by the Zone Leaders to bare my testimony in zone meeting on Friday. Yes. I did feel it coming. Elder Griffin was just looking at me and I was just… no. Still not something I do! So I got up in all my Carlsen awkwardness… And owned it. Yaah. I’m humble 😉 Nah, I needed it. God is weird and I’m still kind of mad at Him for it. But mostly, I just like Him a lot.
  1. I will never eat rice by choice. EVER again.
  1. We had a jam sesh practicing the musical number for Zone conference tomorrow. Dang, I do miss that. And Elder Rantayo by the way. So fun! that kid (Hm, elder, I mean) has no shame. He’s probably one of my favorites. Well, really they all are my favorites. Except for the newbs. Still don’t know them very well….
  1. Whenever our missionaries pass by us, Elder Neff hangs out the window and yells. Really loudly. “Carrrrl!” Side note he’s been working on his “whale” lately. I really hope Elder Livaie gets back soon…..
  1. We successfully directed (because finally they actually let us) a huge ward council meeting to discuss the ward mission plan on Sunday afternoon. (Which somehow went from no scheduled meals, to three scheduled meals. Heaven help me, please.)   And by successful, I mean could-have-been-miles-worse kind. Things are looking up around here. I love Bishop Malaki! Also the Seiulis. But that’s for another day.

All in all, this week felt really off. But also all in all, we’re good.

Pictures to come,


Editor’s note

To bear or bare, that is the question. Tons of info for both sides. And PLEASE, requesting translation for LA.  Don’t know if it’s missionary lingo or Samoan abbreviation of some sort.  Might have to ask Aubrey, but she rarely answers specific questions unless I repeat them week after week after week . . . . . . . .  Also, still trying to envision two sister missionaries climbing a gate to get out of the church parking lot.


2 thoughts on “The Lasagna Miracle

  1. Aubrey,
    You make me laugh and love the little things in life that I too-often take for granted! I love your sweet spirit and know your ward and investigators do too!
    Sooo soooo happy you got that lasagna!!!!💕

    You are a wonderful example to so many and I’m incredibly blessed to be your aunt!
    Keep up the good work! We look forward to big hugs and great stories upon your return!
    Chris, Greg, Bren, Grant and Matti


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