Plan of Action

October 1-12, 2015

Hey Mum!

So, we’ve been really trunky this week, for reasons.  Annnd everyone, including President has been all about ‘nonmissionary kind’ future. It just keeps coming up. Over and over.  Like today in personal study, for example.  I flipped open “Our Search for Happiness” to “Families are Forever.” So I read about M. Russell Ballard’s experience sealing his son and daughter-in-law in the temple.  It was cool.

Then I was telling Sister Smith about it in companion study which she completely LOVED because she proudly adores the mush.  I peeked at the next page, then, and noticed it said something about babies, so I offered to keep reading for her and she wiggled and said, “Yes please.”  Precious.  Then she asked me how many kids I pictured myself having.  Funny though, I’d actually just been wondering how many kids I pictured HER having.  Things happened, and next thing I’m saying is, “My parents need to adopt a little boy.”  Or any kind.  Yeah, I know it’s crazy, but will you think about it?  I want a little brother.  SO BAD.  And I don’t mean adopt a baby.  I think just a 5 year old would be good.  My suggestion would first be Marshallese.  Then Samoan.  Then Tongan, then White.  The choice is yours!

This week was special.  Elder Neff ended up testing positive for TB.  Dormant (latent) though.  And he and Elder Livaie stayed in their pad for . . . . I think six days straight. Except for a McDonald’s run.  You know how we missionaries are.  That day we stopped by to take them their gifts (cocoa Samoa, Yaavalavas, the works . . ) and pick up some Books of Mormon since I’d given mine away on the walk from our pad to theirs. . . . . . so funny, they were, but also me, because, Carlsen Moment:

So they always leave their car unlocked.  Wise. And they told us just to have at it.  We parted ways; them waving their farewell from the balcony.  Both in their Yaahvalavas, Elder Neff with his camera in one hand (actually got bored enough to charge it, I guess) and the infamous cockroach killer in the other (Yaah . . . a blow dart gun.  He’s crazy), Elder Livaie clinging to his uke for sanity and ROCKING that hospital mask.  So sad. So funny.  Then I walked up to the car only to find it was locked.  And also that it was not their car.  Why are there so many silver Corollas in Hawai’i?   Just.  Why?  Of course Elder Neff gets it all on camera:  The goods, yah?

It was priceless.  When we finally got around to leaving they followed us from window to window until they could follow NO more.  It was like when you come home to find Molly (dog) looking through the glass of the front door before she runs to meet you at the back, but the opposite *cough* so tender!

Then we met Alexis.  She’s 11 months pregnant. And a less active local at the bus stop, her name is Sofia and we’re gonna find her again!  This week.  Same bus stop same time.  I’m confident . . . .

Anyway.  One of my previous mission friends went home on Monday (Oct 5th), so that sucked.  I was pretty okay all day Tuesday, then Wednesday the sisters came to drop us off at our early appointment.  The first thing Sister Whipple did when she walked in (after Sister Smith had hopped up so quickly and without explanation that I screamed a little bit . . . ) was hug me.  But not the normal kind.  There were words behind this hug.  I was really okay though.  So we all talked about it in the car.  They took us by Leonui and drove away.  Sister Smith asked if I was okay.  I said mmhm because I was and then NO because I wasn’t.  So I cried.  Hachi the dog movie kind.  For, like 30 minutes.  Annnd then the other sisters came and picked us up.  They let me talk it out and I’m good now.   Too exhausting to write it, and it doesn’t make me feel good. That’s all.

* = have to or already did refer. . . . dang

Updates on other people . . . .

David came to conference and we plan on committing him to a specific date soon.  You know, as soon as we officially teach him.

Abigail finished the Book of Mormon @ 3:50 a.m. on Oct. 6th.  Been an entire month now.  About time, I’d say!

We kind of dropped Faitala, our McD’s investigator.  He’s golden, but those friends of his . . . .

*Athree is Chuukese and he told us he wants to be a missionary like us.  Then my heart exploded and I told him, “You don’t need a name tag.  It’s already written on your heart.”  He’s been reading the Book of Mormon we gave him a few weeks ago, but we haven’t yet had a chance to really teach him.  People around here are soooo busy!

*Hailey is Hawaiian and knows the Book of Mormon is ture.  The Samoan elders before us were teaching her but failed to put ANYTHING in the area book as she’s been left in the dark for . . . yah.  A few months.  Whoops.

*Barry is Marshallese.  A few months back Elders Tavita and Seremai set him with a date.  Then he left to the mainland.  We found him while looking for Hailey and he was all, “Yah, I have an appt to get baptized at the end of this month.”  He’s been reading and everything and Elder Neff didn’t even know who he was!

Sonny’s grandma died last week.  He doesn’t get to go to the funeral which is a real sad thing.  Hopefully, though, this turns into an opportunity.

Sio is a devil in disguise.  His wife is a member and they actually both went to BYU-H. He knows A LOT.  Like a lot a lot of church history kind.  He’s read the Book of Mormon and doesn’t believe it’s true.  You know because in Alma 7:10 it says Jesus was going to be born in Jerusalem.  Awwwwkward.  Other things, too.  Like when Christ says in the New Testament that He will establish his church upon this Rock (which depending on how you interpret it, could be Peter) and hell shall not prevail against it. Not gonna lie.  That one threw me for a bit.  (Matthew 16:18) Really made the whole have-a-good-foundation thing a little more real and meaningful, though.  And for that, I’m grateful.  Walls shook, nothing fell.  Not sure I’m looking forward to meeting with him again.  Yeah . . . . I think not.  He’s scary.  I mean, like me in his curiosity and desire to base belief in logic, but also not at ALL like me.

Peter . . . did I ever tell the story about how we met him?  Miracles.  But he’s getting married and moving to Cali, so . . .

Anyway back to things.  We left our dinner calendar somewhere while we were walking around Waipahu after church a few Sundays ago.  We actually had it memorized for the next 1.5 weeks, so that was good.  Our minds didn’t fail us until . . . yesterday (Oct. 6).  No problem though.  We ran into “Talo” er, um Brother [Sam] Fiuli who is a nonmember (why did he think I’d believe him?!)  He called his wife and got it all worked out.  He of course flaked, but Tui, their 5 yr old son came, so I got over it quickly.  He sang for us.  I gave him nickels.  He gave me the first lick of his ice cream cone.  I gave him apple pie.  I love that kid too much!  He is so funny and so fun. Sunday between conference sessions (which was at 6-8 a.m. and 10 a.m.-12 @ the chapel) we played the best ever game of Simon says.  Among other things.

Today we threw a surprise party for Elder Greene’s greenie; Elder Betzold.  He’s cool.  Don’t really know him yet though.  And the Zone Leaders Epacanos and Griffin and Elder Neff gave us all zone planner covers with a collage of our faces.  So perfect.


Now about conference.  Mm.  Am I right? Acknowledging it’s most likely because I’m currently a missionary . . . . I swear.  This was the best general conference ever.  I don’t even know what to say!  So now I will default to my lists.

Conference things:

Happily ever after doesn’t come in the middle of the play.  Obviously.

Still, forever is composed of NOWs.  Every moment past, present, future–good, bad, joyful, tearful–is already a part of eternal happiness.  (Thank goodness for hindsight bias, yah? 🙂 ) that is promised to us if we live to the best of our abilities.

Friends of the best kind will love your strengths and look past your weaknesses.

Start where you are.  BUT be real, and take it one thing at a time because to him that receiveth He will give MORE.

Our direction is of evermore importance than the speed.

Self-control is a muscle, Yaah.

Be worthy of the kind of person you want to marry.

If and when you want More, reach up rather than around.

A Mother’s Love is the most divine love we can experience in the flesh.  They not only bear us, but they bear WITH US.

Parenthood = miracle working.  Be not always in their business, but always in their corner (you were perfect about that, BTW).

Yes.  They’re real, but we still choose how much the doubts will darken us.

God doesn’t answer to curiosity.

Work without faith is dead.

He has the power to heal, though sometimes he instead gives us the strength and patience to endure.


Anyway, then Sunday morning happened.  shoots.  All I can say is that:

  1. That walk the new apostles took was certainly one of the most terrifying but also empowering things I’ve ever seen and they’re experienced.
  2. I’m positive that never at any point in time has there been more prayers uniting in purpose than during the moments of President Monson’s address.  My heart?  Pounding.

To skip, now, my plan of action is this:  Pray, ask what thing I can improve, choose what thing (singular) I can improve.  And work on that thing (singular) until that thing is me.  God never intended for us to be overwhelmed by all that goes undone.  Real as it is.  All that He asks is that we do all we can, not in hindsight, because of course then we’ll feel we could have done more, but in the moment.  We’ll fail, yes. But we can’t give up.

Anyway, sorry I’m depressing.  It’s been a weird week!  Probs because p-day was awful (as in Oct. 5th).  I guess that’s why the talk we have to prepare for Zone Conference tomorrow is on HOPE.  You see, God is also Ironic 😉 cool.

Love you, mum!  Thank you for being perfect.  I know you know that I mean it.  Keep studying the gospel stuffs.  They really do bring light.

❤ your missionary

p.s. Give dad a hug for me and Emma.  For real. and take a video of it, too 😉  Ha!  Also everyone else.  K, thanks.

Editor’s note

This handwritten letter arrived October 17 and its contents span the 1st through the 12th.  Perhaps Aubrey believes mom to be perfect because she misses her.  I’m so not perfect, but it’s nice to be thought of in that way. 🙂


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