Beauty in Aniani

26 October 2015

Thanks, mum and dad for the letters! And the usual updates on day to day things. I love reading about lives different from mine. So much. Too much.

Things are good out here. Yesterday we broke into our member’s house through the window because her husband had the key with him at church and he wasn’t going to be home for a few more hours because, meetings. That was fun. And I ate more raw sea animal kind. Opihi? I dunno how to spell it. But it’s said like “oh pee.” If I had to describe the flavor I’d say salty broccoli. The texture was like tender mussel. Which will only make sense if you’ve had lots of mussels. I successfully avoided oyster the other day. We’ll see how much longer that lasts. I still cannot do crab or shrimp. I mean, a few bites I can choke down and pretend to be okay, but after that I just…. yeah. Cannot. Did you know they make crab sticks out here? Imagine cheese stick. But not at all. Thank goodness Sister Smith is an angel and finished the thing for me.

I’m in a hurry now, so don’t kill me… kind of copying and pasting from emails I sent elsewhere (cough, Kate and Amelia) but yeah. I am having fun! I’m still me. Probably a little too much of me, but I can’t help it. I need to repent more often. And there are of course off days. Like, there was one day this week that I just wanted normal music and Netflix and fall and a real hug soooo bad. It sucked. But what sucks more is that I hate that I want those things. That’s the part that always kills me the most and that’s the part that made me tear up when I was talking to Sister Smith about it, you know, because I can’t ever keep anything to myself.

You know I miss everything home. But you also know how I run on logic, and I know that right here, right now, I’m where I’m supposed to be. What gives me the most comfort is really just that there is no way in heck that I would be out here if some larger driving force hadn’t made it happen and wasn’t helping me out every moment of every day. AKA God. No joke. Because let’s be real, basically everything about me being on a mission is a miracle. Who woulda thought I’d be here? I still don’t hardly believe it’s a reality half of the time. Ahem. Make that 90% of the time.

No more sending to Lumiho’ahu for the next bit. Transfers are coming and I have feelings. Ugh.

BTW. Cockroaches are no longer scary. Much more of a nuisance to kill and clean up than to leave be. Good thing I’m keeping a journal because this email is lame.

I wrote a letter I’ll send out tomorrow. A weird letter that is entirely ineloquent. It’s pretty scatterbrained! And I’m not sure I like the way I sound when I write now-a-day. Like… pidgen-kind. I like speaking it though.

Love you lots!

Fa soifua, Sister Carlsen



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