Samoan Sass

2 November 2015

Yeah, sorry my emails are short some days. Did you get your Halloween card yet? It only took me 6 days to write, and 4 days to get it from my bag to the mailbox. Hm. That might be a record now that I think about it.

Anyway, talofa!  Update on my prediction from last week . . I was correct. My feeling that I was leaving was in fact wrong. So psychic, yeah? I know. So I get to stay Samoan for another 6 weeks. Sister Smith is going to Maui . . . poor girl!

Feels like I’ve been in my greenie area for pretty much forever, but it’s okay. I like it here a lot.  And this morning during studies I had a kind of epiphany. I don’t know how it happened because I was reading the prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite. I guess my mind was wandering a bit. Whoops. But I started imagining what it must be like to say goodbye to the people. Specifically what it must be like for Sister Smith to say goodbye to our people. Then what it would be like if I was saying goodbye to them. It wasn’t too hard to imagine, though. On Friday we saw Sonny and ever since that one (two) time(s) that I cried in front of him he always tries extra hard to make sure that I’m happy. Most of the time it involves teasing me, but it’s more fair now because I’ve since learned to dish the Samoan Sass right back. We have fun. After we’d prayed I told him to make sure he was out on the steps Monday and Tuesday evening just in case a goodbye was needed.  He of course told me I wasn’t going.  I of course, told him to stop counseling the Lord, except he’s more stubborn that I am so that wasn’t any help. Since I know you’re thinking it, I’ll just be straight: no, I didn’t cry, but I was close.

Back to it, this morning I was imagining what it would be like if that had been it.  I realized how glad I was that he was right that I wasn’t leaving, and also that goodbyes are useful things. They raise the stakes and they put it all into perspective. If I REALLY love these people. REALLY. And I do. Then I need to be working even harder. With more purpose, I guess. Not to say I was floundering around before. I wasn’t. But I think, now, after having vicariously experienced all these potential situations, I’m a new kind of all in.  The only way my friendships with these people are ever going to truly count for something is if my primary goal is to bring them the fullness. Not to say that other efforts are worthless, but I would say that at this time in my life, doing what I’m currently doing, that they would be in vain.

To sum it up, Ima be bolder. Daaang Sister Maher is in for it.

Oh yeah. She’s my new companion starting Wednesday. 6’2″ and blonder than blonde. We are going to have sooooo much fun!

I wish I had more time because so many amazing things happened this week.  Like, too many amazing things.  But our zone is disintegrating with the end of the transfer so we have to go say goodbye.

Love you a lot.

–Sister Carlsen


This one is named Candy.

p.s. Want to make me a list of things to pray for? For real.  My mind is too jumbled but I want to pray for everything all the time, soo….. Mmhm. And needs be a brown watch and maybe my red backpack. And skirts with pockets. That stretch. Don’t worry though. I’m good… More importantly though I’m going to be better.


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