2nd Comp, Sister Maher

9 November 2015

Hi Mum. This week has been pretty amazing actually. Low number transfer weeks whatevs. I won’t be specific or anything, but basically we got buckets.

Tuesday was booked full of goodbyes. We walked to District meeting early to meet with our dearest Davina. On the way I found a tangerine that had fallen from somewhere. Naturally, I picked it up and carried it with me the rest of the way. It smelled so perfect. I never before this moment realized how unique the smell of tangerine actually is. Not even close to clementine or the normal kine orange. I’ve been so nose-blind. When we were little it made my mouth water.  For days we’d eat Altoid after Altoid week after week. The best sacrament meetings of my life. Ha naahhh, I kid. But really. Every time I took a whiff I could feel what it felt like to eat those candies.  So much nostalgia.

Our friends at the bus stop were probably saying  to themselves. “Wooooooow. There go the crazies again. Why she sniffing the rubbish orange?” No need dwell on it though. I am who I am. I was planning on taking it with me for the rest of the day to pull out when freshness was needed.  But then Elder Neff ate it.

Davina brought us panipopo. I love her so much. Then after district meeting we finished studies and had lunch. Jokes Actually we didn’t eat lunch. I was full of panipopo. But we walked to Aniani which only took, you know, 45 minutes and Sister Smith said good morning to someone at 1:00 in the afternoon. Perfect way to wrap up our companionship, I’d say. Dang I love that Sister of mine….

When we went to see the Salevaos the Voice was on and guess what? I didn’t even look. It was driving me nuts though because they were singing ALL my favorite songs. Sam Smith, Kodaline…. See. My ears were closed.

Wednesday morning we piled into the zone leaders’ car to take Elder Griffin and Sister Smith to the airport and pick up our new companions. It was a nice drive. Any drive is a nice drive. I miss driving. Then we checked them in, and it was only me and Elder Pacanos and that was interesting. By interesting I mean really fun, but not too much fun.

We were going to cruise over to McD’s for breakfast, but we kept missing the turn. After the first few fails it was time to go pick up Sister Maher, so I didn’t eat anything until about 2:00pm.

Sister Maher is Perfect. And perfect for me. I was so worried about adjusting to a new companion because it took ages for me to warm up to Sister Smith, but for some reason it was super effortless. I mean, I still think we have a lot of potential clicking to do, but our companion unity? On point. We think a lot a like. Mini miracle, our general message for the day was centered on 2 Nephi 22:2. So when we were talking with Nora and Jake Friday night I thought that’s what she was going to do. But for some reason I really really was hoping she’d choose 2 Nephi 25:26. I would’ve flipped open to it myself, but I was completely Book of Mormonless. I even gave away the pocket-sized one I stole from the Marshallese car a few weeks back. Long story short, she randomly decided to do 2 Nephi 25:26 instead. Even though we have NEVER talked about that scripture together. Mmmmhm, so many miracles happened that day, I just can’t even.

More about Sister Maher… She’s from Arizona. Tall, blonde, sweeter than sweet, cuter than cute. Her style reminds me of my old kine style. Which, by the way, I kind of want back. I like my current style a lot, but after being called Amish for the third time (Thank you Mark)… Send me new clothes please.


[I feel like people are always trying to figure out what it is or who it is I look like. Whyyyy. Since beginning my mission I’ve been Bella, Gus Gus, a turtle, Amish, prego, a goody-two-shoes, Cinderella, Marshallese (because the earrings BJ gave me). 🙂 Basically all kinds. Usually a few in a day. Not the prego one though that was still just the one time, thank goodness.]

Also, I let her cut 7 inches off my hair this morning. That was fun. I already have lots of favorite stories with her, but I’ll just tell you some.

  1. We were out tracting an apt building on Thursday and we were waiting for someone to answer the door and a lady came up the steps. Sister Maher asked if it was her door. The lady shook her head and said, “This one.” Then Sister Maher mumbles, “Oh we just knocked there…..” Not funny at all but it WAS so funny. We just looked at each other and somehow managed to hold it together. I think I loved it a lot because if she hadn’t said it, I probably would have. Our awkwardness is, like, the same… yet still different enough for us to function. It’s nice. 😉
  1. I dropped my hair bow in between my bed and the nightstand and I bent down to get it. Err. Not bent down. More like laid on my bed on my stomach and scooted over to reach it (try). Anyway. The gist of it is that I poked myself in the eye with Sister Maher’s toe. Yup.

Other random things:

  1. Sooo tired of getting seven scoops of ice cream at a time. Can’t it just be two?
  1. Accidentally spent 4.5 hours at a member’s house yesterday. Because no car and stuff. I swear we’re not sack missionaries. They just kind of live in the middle of nowhere.
  1. Remind me to tell you the funny story about Elder Pacanos and food one of these days. I die…
  1. I’ve never felt as close to the Spirit as I have with Sister Maher. I’m so excited for the next transfer! Sorry I don’t always talk about the churchy things. I promise. There are plenty of amazing missionary things happening here. I love it all.

Love you lots,

Sister Carlsen

p.s. Thanks for the update on home. 🙂 I love your emails too much!

BEFORE. . . . 


. . . AFTER

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