23 November 2015

Yup, Mum. You’re right. It’s been raining nonstop since what…. Thursday? I documented it in my journal. Useful since I seem to have the memory span of a fly lately. Seriously. I forget the keys everywhere, every time.

Guess what though! Well firstly, Sorry about the uke. You know I have a gift for unknowingly being drawn to the most expensive dakine. Believe me though; it’s a beauty in sight and sound. Give me a few requests (and lyrics) and MAYBE we’ll have a skype concert in a month or so.


Secondly, turns out that the lime tree in the backyard is an orange tree. Wooooow. It’s like the Kayla/Kyla thing all over again. So embarassing!

Thirdly, and also embarrassing, I drove over a curb last Monday after emailing you guys. It was really funny. Big time funny. But what was even funnier is while we were hanging out at a table by the curb I drove over, some other car came by and drove over the exact same curb. AWKWARD.

Fourthly, I put the car keys on a hair tie so I could wear them around and never lose them (Refer to first paragraph) but then I was twirling it around and I dropped them onto a storm drain. That was a close call.

Fifthly, we had another spider. I can’t remember if I told you or not, but this is the 6th one. No matter. We’re not counting. But it was a sneaky kine, too. We thought we’d killed it with the block of Samoan Chastity pamphlets, but then we lifted them up and there was no spider. Definitely took a while for that adrenaline to die down. Nah, actually I think what’s more scary lately is that I’m not so scared of them anymore.


Sixthly, on Tuesday we went to Zippy’s restaurant. Twice. Don’t worry. I got a salad the first time! And a chicken chili plate with mashed potatoes and corn the second time. Also a cherry napple. Don’t you be worrying about me though, because we’ve been going to YMCA everyday. Sister Maher was so funny: “Actually, instead of french fries can I get a side salad?” … “Okay, mac salad, corn or tossed greens?” … “Actually, can I get the french fries?”  So funny, I swear it.

Seventhly, I am really confused about running. I honestly cannot tell if I like it or not. I’m going faster though. 8 miles an hour for 2ish miles. I’ll get there…. Which reminds me. More exercise clothes might be nice. Dark colors maybe?

Eightly, North shore is my area. Why did it take me 5 months to figure this out? Oh, and dole plantations, too, mmmmmhm. I wish so badly that I’d known sooner!

Ninethly, Sister Maher and I decided to treat ourselves to Fiesta’s Mexican Grill a few days ago. She was really craving some horchata. Plus I really wanted her to meet our friend, the owner. He’s the sweetest, and we always have lots of fun with him. This time he was joking about spiking our drink with brandy. I don’t think he realized just how hilarious that was… We laughed it off. Knowing he was joking but then later when we were tracting. . . .Yeah. I dunno. We were dying a little bit for a reason I cannot recall which meant I got the hiccups so we died more. But since we’re mature and all, we got a handle on ourselves and knocked the next door. Whyyyyy? It was two of the cutest little Filipino girls. Fobber than fob (fresh off the boat). Literally been here for mere weeks. My hiccups returned and we lost it all over again. I apologized, but I don’t think they understand what the word “hiccup” means. The prayer in my heart has been extended out to them ever since. We felt so terrible.

Side note though (tenthly): Did you know that apparently it’s not a thing to get the hiccups whenever you laugh really hard. My life is so confused right now.

Eleventhly, I finished the Book of Mormon again this week! Huzzah. But once again I am reminded….  soooo rated R. PS. How was Mockingjay Part 2?

Twelfthly, I fell asleep a lot during my prayers this week. One time for about 30 minutes. Probs shouldn’t be admitting this. But hey, it’s just how it is.

I accidentally saw part of the BSU/Air Force football game on Friday. That was unfortunate. And now I’ll fast forward.

Sunday was a day of miracles again. I really could not have been happier! So many of my people were at church. Less actives I mean. It was the best feeling to see all of the people we pray so often for come back to join us again. Even Abigail! Especially Abigail. Man I love that girl. When we prayed with her Saturday night she snuck around behind Sister Maher during the prayer. I didn’t even mind this time that it was perhaps slightly irreverent. Sister Maher’s reaction was completely worth it!

Back to Sunday (le aso sapati), Bishop Fuimaono (WML) taught our class of three nonmembers. In Samoan of course. I couldn’t word for word understand what was happening but I knew exactly what he was doing because he’s been teaching us about it, too. Bishop Fuimaono is a very knowledgeable man. He is familiar with the entire Bible, and it’s quite impressive. Before my mission I was thoroughly convinced that I would be able to prove to anyone through scripture and logic that this gospel is the only gospel. You can. It is possible to do that. And old me would probably jump at the opportunity to learn how, but I’ve learned that I don’t like it that way. Learning about Joseph Smith by flipping from page to page in the Old Testament is interesting, but as unspecific as feeling “the spirit” may be, I’m confident that when we teach that way, He’s not there. Our job is not to convince minds, but hearts. Brain knowledge is so much more shakable than heart knowledge. We’ve all felt it. It is infinitely easier to unconvince someone’s mind than it is to unconvert his/her heart. I think I’ve known that all along, for some reason it just took me a while to accept it. But I know myself well enough to say that ima hafta accept it maaaany many more times before my life is through.

Sorry I stopped counting. It was actually kind of lame, huh?

Anyway, I’ve got more Sunday miracles. Sister Maher, Bishop Fuimaono and I were having a 24 hour fast together for some things, and she and I were super worried about going to visit some members of ours before breaking the fast because we KNEW they were going to give us food. We discussed it a bit and then prayed to close comp study when Bishop Fuimaono came knocking to tell us we were going to have to close our fast at 4:30 instead of 6:30 because he’d just found out about a meeting he needed to attend. God is? Just… yeah. on point.

Then we ate with Bishop Fuimaono. And with the Salevaos. Love them. And then we went to the chapel for a Zone Leader requested jam session for the upcoming Missionary Christmas Fireside. Dang I miss that sort of stuff. It was much too much enjoyment, that’s for sure. Much needed though, too.


And that’s all for the week. Sister Maher found us a lovely Thanksgiving scripture, and since I’m working on being more holy in my emails I guess I can throw that in here.

Alma 26:37  Now my Brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, He numbereth his people, and His bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever.

Thank you mom (everyone) for being the person (people) you are. Every time I start to pray I begin to ask for things but I don’t want to. Instead I just want to say thank you to God. He has made my life more perfect than anyone could ever know, than I could ever know. And I know in my heart that He truly does watch out for every single one of us. He is always mindful, even (especially) when we feel most forsaken. He knows what we are capable of becoming and if we are constantly working to trust Him and love Him then with his help we will become it. It’s true what they say. It all comes back to faith.

So please please please. Keep reading your scriptures. The Book of Mormon is pretty bomb, after all 😉 And also praying. Because it’s the best thing.

Love you all and Happy Thanksgiving

Aloha, Aubrey


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