New Year’s Day

4 January 2016

Hi Mom, Sorry I’m doing this elder style. Kaneohe definitely has changed me a smidgen, hasn’t it? Anyway…

On new years day, Bishop Carlile, Aunty Gloria, and Sarah took us to a place called Itchiriki. Japanese kind. It was, to be modest, delicious. Super cool, too. First you order your broth and then your soup package and then they bring you the stuff and you cook it yourself. Gloria helped Sister Smith since she was sitting next to her. I got lucky and was privileged enough to experience cooking with chopsticks all on my own. Since it was the first time I’d really met them, I was fairly content and even partially relieved to have an extra excuse to focus on my food all night. So funny though. The rest of them had finished, but I unconsciously kept eating, slowlike because I felt I hadn’t made quite a large enough a dent in it. Then Bishop Carlile said, “It’s okay, Sister Carlsen, you don’t have to eat it all.” Holy shoots. I didn’t even realize how habitual it had become for me to soldier through entire meals like that. Kaneohe should be refreshing for me.


Right now we don’t have too many investigators but we did meet some lovely people out tracting on Saturday. Dan and Carol. The first time we walked past and said hi to him he shooed us away saying he was on the phone. Part of me thought it was an excuse, but then I looked closely and it did actually look like his phone was on the call screen. So I silently backed away, giving him the benefit of the doubt and we proceeded to go meet his Buddhist neighbor. That’s always fun. A while later we were across the street from his house knocking and he called over to us to say they weren’t home. We said thank you and started back to our car. “I’m not on the phone anymore,” he said. Oh. Would you like to be baptized? Jokes. But honestly it probably did go through my head at that moment. I don’t remember. Point is, this guy was so lovely. He and his wife are busy redoing their popcorn ceilings. Super fun. She’s a home security service person and he does drafting. All sorts. And he’s extra interested in Family History. In fact he’s even been to the library in Salt Lake. They’re the cutest things, really. They told us about how they met, how they came to Hawaii, the places they’ve traveled to, the 3 secrets to their success. Sorry, like I said, secret. My favorite though, they told us about their roller blading tradition. Going somewhere? First things in the suitcase: rollerblades. God is my favorite person because his tender mercies are infinite. How were those two supposed to know that Sister Smith and I are constantly talking about the greatness that is skating rinks? Don’t worry; I threw in a cheer for my good ole Deleta. 🙂

Anyway, time is kind of up. And I’m not sure imana reset my library card, so if no, then fa soifua?

Love you much,

–Sister Carlsen

p.s. I promise I’ll put something better together from now on. Also, the wind is off on.


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