The greatest stress reliever

11 January 2016

Hi Mom!

It’s been quite a week! Thankfully, I think it might finally be safe to say we have our feet relatively comfortably underneath ourselves again. Only took two thirds of the transfer!

We had many miracles in Kaneohe 1st in the past few days. I still miss Waipahu so very much, but my heart is, day by day, recovering. It is so amazing to feel the differences in the areas and to recognize how God has planned and orchestrated it all to help me grow. There were many things in Waipahu that I know I needed, obviously to help me to learn, but even more basically, to help me survive.

Something I realized lately that I had been greatly deprived of, however, was opportunity to really build up and exercise my teaching skills. I am so happy to be here in this place at this moment because teaching opportunities are plentiful and I know it is God’s gift to me. Extremely humbling, let me tell you, but it’s okay, because I know it is the next step I need to take to becoming not just a missionary, but His missionary. I feel so blessed, and pray often that I can bring the same plethora of blessings to the people of this area, to repay them for the strength that they have on so many occasions brought to me.

Moooving on. Another thing this past week was pretty full of was planning. Like, not the normal kine planning. But in addition to normal planning, planning for trainings, for Gospel Principles lessons, for a Primary thing, for a talk… Funnnnn. As great as it was to stretch some, I’m so very relieved to have a slight breather, maybe catch up on some journal writing… Probably should be careful what I say though, yes? I’m sure there are plenty more weeks of craziness to look forward to, and really, the crazy weeks are the best weeks. Being busy is the best feeling as a missionary. Backwards as it is, busyness is the greatest stress reliever. It is precisely what we pray for. Though sometimes God takes his time in giving it to us.

Like Tuesday. Slowest day ever. Until 5:45 pm when we could not even breathe. Ugh so ridiculous! We went to dinner with nonmembers but it wasn’t ready before we had to leave to our 7:00 appointment, except I was completely starved somehow (such a foreign feeling now-a-day) so we stopped at McDonalds on the way. Then we were going to be late, so midway through the drive-through we wiggled our way out. That was pretty exciting. So then we taught our new investigator James about the Plan of Salvation and committed him to be baptized Feb 13th. So solid. Went to our correlation meeting. Song practice for Zone Conference. I even forgot I was hungry we were so booked. Jokes, I totally didn’t forget. But by the end of the night I didn’t mind too much because it has been so incredibly refreshing to HAVE to be places.

The other days were good, too, but I think Saturday was the happiest because we finally caught hold of the Kahapeas. I love the Kahapeas. They are a young family of six. Mum and Dad, then boy, girl, girl, girl. If it were possible to physically be gold when you’re ripe and ready for the gospel, then trust me, they would be so gold. The oldest, Joseph is 14. Jassity is 10. Keko is 6, and Baby girl was born the 29th of December. Christy and William are the heads of the household. And they remind me a lot of us, you know. The way they talk and carry themselves is how I hope and imagine we would 14 years ago if we hadn’t yet found the gospel. I have to say, kind of frightening to experience a six-year-old Aubrey in the flesh. 😉 Hah nah, actually, Keko is much too sunny to be exactly me. Mornings just weren’t my thing. Or school. Have I ever truly apologized for those years? And by those years I mean all of the years, by the way.

I wish I could say I’ve grown out of that, but most days when I wake up I still feel like crying. Life in the mornings, it’s just rough. I never really saw the parallel until now, but I guess it’s nothing new! And it is strangely comforting, this realization.

I spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I told them all about you sweeties back home. Everyone here makes me potatoes, so that’s nice. Bishop Carlile and Aunty Gloria really take care of us. They’re both doctors, you know, a urologist and a pediatrician. Sister Smith always said the only reason they haven’t been translated yet is so they can be an example to the rest of us. I’m learning every day just how perfectly true that statement is.

The man in the picture is Uncle Sam, 93 years old and just dandy. I love hearing the pieces of wisdom that these friends of mine have to offer. Just priceless.


I love you and pray for you often. Not so many dreams about you anymore, sorry. They’re mostly about teaching people now, so I can’t complain 🙂 learning, even in my dreams!

Shoots missions are weird.

Alofa atu,

Sister Carlsen

p.s. Give away some hugs for me, please. Be sure to tell Lizzie I got her card 🙂 so sweet! I’m hoping to get some nice letters off today. Pray for me. Hoping your week is happy!



One thought on “The greatest stress reliever

  1. Love you Aubrey! your letters are a soft place to land after a tiring day. Pop felt good enough this morning to go to Sacrament meeting so we are coming along a little more slowly than I expected. All is well. We are so proud of you and you are always in our prayers.

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