Transfer News

25 January 2016

Hi Mom,

Things here are pretty spicy! No, that has no special pidgin meaning, by the way. Just the word of the moment. Really though, miracles. We worked hard and even though it felt somewhat fruitless at times, looking back at it now we made and found more golden opportunities and met many more golden people than ever before. The ward members this side are completely lovely and 110% willing to help us with visits rather than only food. It is so refreshing! I’ve never before had so much going on and it feels great. We’re in the beginning stages of teaching 2 families– 1 PM and the other found through tracting– in addition to a baptism coming up the beginning of February plus a few super promising new investigators. We have high hopes for the next few weeks, I’ll be praying we can maintain.

Details to follow, but first things first.

Transfer news:

Sister Smith is leaving to Makaha which really breaks my heart, but also we both decided it’s probably for the best because otherwise the day may come that we won’t be able to walk because of hernias from laughing too hard and too much. Shoots I love her a lot.

My new companion is Sister Biggs. I’ve seen her a few times before and she always looks really put together (so that’s why I bought some mascara at Target today). She’s been out 6 weeks longer than I have. We’ll be Sister Training Leaders again over the other 2 sets of sisters in the zone, which are…….

Sister Blackner! And Sister Wu. But I don’t know her, so right now I’m mostly just going to gush about Sister Blackner, one of my beloved Waipahu cousins. She is a fireball missionary. Plus she’s going to be in the best ward in all of Kaneohe (other than my own, whoops), Kaneohe 4th. I’m really super jealous about it. Our dear friend Brother Dennis Long (grown up Lloyd Dobler in the flesh) called us yesterday when he found out they were getting sisters again to ask if it would be us that he was feeding on Friday night. My heart just about leapt out of my chest when we answered that phone call! I probably could have worked a little harder to control my excitement, but he is just so sweet I can’t even handle it. He said to call and let him know if we could come too, so that he could throw in some extra baked potatoes. That man….

Honestly, I’m pretty sure that ward is the North Pole. Everyone is waiting around ready to work, biding the time until someone gives them a job to do, prepared at any moment to get going on it, and those lucky Sisters get to be their Santa Claus. It is such a special place completely uncharted waters full of plenty of fish. Not to mention the pad we’re fixing up for them Ko’olaus out the wall-sized windows on the backside and a lookout at the ocean from the patio on the front. Even with the carpet mold taken into consideration, it is more lovely than I could ever imagine!

Fun things to come of it: those two will get to stay with us at our place until theirs is all finished up. Praises to dry shampoo.

Then there is Sister Judkins, my sister (both of us were trained by Sister Smith Sr.) She is coming to be with Sister Gamil. Those two will work wonders I have no doubt.

Other news:

Elder Holland comes this weekend. We meet with him as missionaries Saturday from 2:00-4:00pm and as a stake Sunday morning at 10:00. He’s known as “The Name Tag Breaker,” so that’s pretty cool.

Anyway, I’m still not writing as much as I should be, but I did finish another journal this week. Finally on to the HE>i notebook:) So sorry I’m so scattered, it’s only that I sneezed and the week was over which is good, but also kind of scary because I don’t know enough about being a missionary to be this far into my mission and the time keeps speeding up. Maybe next week I’ll send you an edited version of our progress record or something. That could certainly save some time…..

Hope all is well at home, I missed emailing back and forth like usual! Maybe I’ll write a letter tonight while Sister is packing. Ugh so stressful. But no way I’d wish any of this away now. Life is pretty perfect in it’s own special way.


Sister Carlsen

1st comp-Sister Jessica Smith–Utah



2nd comp–Sister Allie Maher–Arizona



3rd comp–Sister Macy Smith–Georgia



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