Still taking my meds


8 February 2016


Sometimes emailing is stressful. But mucho aloha anyway!

Shoots we met the most cherished little working-to-be-bilingual Puerto Rican kids last week. I don’t know their names yet, but hopefully Wednesday I’ll get to know them better. 5ish and 2ish, their Mom, Sely, is a genuinely beautiful person in every way so far as I can tell. She is raising them alone at the moment since her husband is deployed. A full-time mom. Also in school. I so hope we can find her some family to love and rely on.

Unfortunately I kind of have Samoan and Marshallese and pidgin and every other language present in Hawai’i all mixed up in my brain. Kind of difficult to sort through quickly enough to access the Spanish all over again!

Anyway, this past week, much like the rest of my mission so far, was 2 things: glorious and a struggle. We knocked plenty doors. Tried visiting plenty people. And like usual it felt kind of nothingsome. I think the most trying thing for me is that often I put it back to myself, thinking I must be doing something wrong, knowing that somewhere someone is waiting for us to find them and we’re not there. But then in my personal study I read Alma chapter 20 verse 30 and realize that the same thing happened to the very missionaries we all look up to. It is something that has caught my attention more than other things this week, and it is applicable to everything spiritual. God works always in patterns, and I am infinitely grateful to him for that.

Now as you very well know, I’m kind of a complainer so I want to make myself clear in saying that this week was not without fruits. In fact we have many many many fruits. I’ve grown so much to appreciate the process of feast and famine around here (Metaphorically, of course, more than literally). It’s a regular process: God dries your soul over and over again, wringing it out until you’re about to crack for thirst. Then He’ll deliver the tender mercy. It’s like building up endurance. For what, I don’t know. Maybe just testing our intent, our diligence, our work ethic. Exhausting, yes. But since it is a pattern that is recognizable, there is always the trust that things will pan out. A hypothesis I’ve been forced and given the opportunity to test and try many times up to now.

Friday afternoon we’d been slightly more beaten than most days so Sister Biggs and I decided to take an early dinner. After acai bowls at MJ Cafe we… yeah. Sis Biggs is done emailing now and I feel guilty making her wait so I’m going to send you a picture of my journal. It’s kind of a pity party so forgive me for that!

My fourth companion Sister Biggs


Love you much, Mom. I’m looking forward to the package! Sorry again for the mess that was in mine… I’m glad you’re week was better than last (an educated assumption). Thank you for your faith in me.

All the best,

Sister Carl.

p.s.”Are you smart?” Definitely an inside joke. If you look through my emails I might’ve said something about it back in my Waipahu days! Shoots I miss those elders… I keep thinking it’ll go away, but.. nope. Those friendships just happened to be engraved right next to my testimony.

Ohhh, “HaHa” Street


p.p.s. James’s date moved to the 27th because of work. Other people are coming up quick to the font too though! I’ll get you updated eventually maybe. This area is just… oh. So ripe.

Other note: Idaho is going to be rough for me. I was practically studying in cabin kine clothes this weekend.



One thought on “Still taking my meds

  1. Hi Sister Carlsen. I’m Cenia’s husband Richard. Cenia and Gary are brother and sister, so your dad is Cenia’s Nephew. I like to follow the missionaries that are serving. We have seven from our ward, a grandson in Uruguay and you. Each email is different, some short, some detailed, like your’s and other practical. I enjoy readying your weekly emails as they are well written with humor, details, and honesty. We know Kate from when she was new to BYU. Saw her in Costco some time ago with her husband. It would be very interesting to meet you some time. The young man who gets you for his companion will have a fun and exciting life/wife. Keep on keeping and learning, and gaining wonderful experiences about people and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People are the same the world over, just their cultures are different, but you’ve experienced that in Hawaii. We send our love and best to you. Know that you are serving well and the Lord appreciates your service to the people of Hawaii.

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