Kane’ohe six more weeks

7 March 2016

Dear Mom.

Logistics first:

Staying in Kaneohe with Sister Biggs. ūüôā

I like McDs, too. Haven’t had it in quite a while. Try the grilled onion cheddar burger for me?

The Stride’s dog just had another batch of puppies. 15 brand new babes, only 10 are alive last I knew. So in total? 19 dogs.

We go to Pearl Harbor once every six weeks. Always fun.


Who’s to say I have no suitors? Ouuuuch. I’m hurt, but I’ll accept the advice on neeeeding a good dance floor at my wedding someday like 10 years in the future or something like that. Still planning on having the reception in Pop and Chick’s yard, by the way.

There’s a grocery store called Foodland, for the record. Anything about $10.00 was either groceries or me being too nice of a companion and treating my sister. I’m working on it. Going to have to go to BYU when I get home, aren’t I?

As for the TB, I picked up my final bottle of meds last Friday! I’ll be done somewhere around conference weekend. ūüôā

Now, my week!

I left the house without my name tag once. Annnnnd I think that about sums it up. Jokes, obviously. But for real, too. My brain is so fried! I’m reading the war chapters of Alma, so that’s amazing. Definitely crushing on Captain Moroni all over again. The Livingston’s took us to Ruby Tuesdays. Yes, I got ribs. But I also had mashed potatoes and zucchini so that makes it word of wisdom worthy, yeah? I’ve also been eating at LEAST one papaya per day. Maybe eventually I’ll get sick of them, but for now they’re still candy. Unfortunately it’s not yet mango season. Instead it’s pre-mango season, so that in combination with the vog (volcano fog) has made me pretty itchy and sneezy. The weather has been pretty up and down. Some super hot days coupled with extra cold ones. The past mornings haven’t been so bad: I can pray just fine without my blanket on. Progress! Maybe I’m just getting used to it.

Our family, introducing¬†the lil’ guy who rode home ON THE HOOD of our car!

Wednesday¬†was pretty magical. We taught the Strides out on the farm some more. Makamae and Mykayla and Kupa’a are still on track to be baptized the 19th. I keep trying to remember what else we did this week, but honestly we were pretty much at the Farm every day that I can think of except¬†Tuesday.¬†Thursday¬†we got plenty dirtied up. It was such a stress reliever to rake mud. I would highly recommend it to any needing therapy. Then Uncle Mark taught us all the history of the Kalo plant and it’s role in Hawaiian culture. Let me tell you. Kalo IS Hawaiian culture. Aloha, makua, ohana. All words straight from the kalo plant. It was so pricelessly beautiful the way we all gathered to pray prior to planting. The best part was how normal it was for them. Every time I‚Äôm there I am simply floored by the feeling. What is so striking to me is how very aware you can see that Uncle Mark and Noe really are. You can tell they once were a part of the world and then that it was a very deliberate choice to leave it. I love the mix. They still have an Xbox, a remote control airplane. Frozen pizzas (really good ones). Dried mango from Costco. IPhones. But it has not become them. Their lives are in the land.

Other things: Found a beautiful book that was printed in 1887. That’s cool, also a copy of the Apocrypha. Missionary jackpot! Met someone from the RLDS/Community of Christ Church. I wonder if she has the priesthood? ¬†We accidentally gave the elders the impression that we were bringing them malasadas because we forgot that was the only “commissary” they’d asked for. Good thing we had the ensigns, too!

My favorite find in studies this week (one of them, I mean),

“Because conversion is a quiet process, you may be converted now and not realize it.”

Sorry it’s kind of brief. Just know I’m doing well, and learning lots in the ways of surviving. Love you much and hope your new haircut is treating you nice! Tell the Nielsens congrats on the new grandbaby and give the rest of the Pocatello people hugs for me.

Alofa, Aubs

P.S. The cockroaches! ¬†None in the house. Well actually, make that one in the house. Ever. So it doesn’t really count. But the car…. Shoots, this is a problem especially unique to Kaneohe. We baked up some homemade bagels with Aunty Lola to take to one of our investigators, and while we were in the car for a whole 5 minutes they managed to find the plate. For real? ¬†Two smallkine roaches, but still. ¬†Thankfully Marissa is way chill. ¬†In her words, “I don’t care if you just drove your car off the lot. If you live in Kaneohe, it’s got bugs.” ¬†That family is so baptized already. ¬†In my head, I mean.

Editor’s note–Thanks to all who faithfully read AlohaAubrey. ¬†There are over 1000 of you. For those who receive the email and aren’t on Facebook and haven’t yet figured out how to view the featured image, click on the green flowered icon and it will take you to it. ¬†And again thank you, I screen shot all comments and send them to her so she can remain a faithful obedient missionary never having viewed her blog.


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