I’m Cured! Sort of

11 April 2016

Hahaha, hi Mom 🙂


Thanks for the updates on refugees. For real I cannot believe how on point Helaman and 3 Nephi are. Words aren’t enough to explain!

Yes, I officially finished treatment for my TB on Saturday night. It feels extremely weird to lay down without that red-pill-taste still fresh in my mouth. Nice to be free of the side effects. But after four months, that honestly feels strange to me, too.

IMG_2479Brother Peck with Sister Biggs and me


And while I love those shoulder pads, and dork glasses, I do have to agree, a change of Facebook profile picture is long-time over due.

So sad I missed Emma’s awesome talk, but I’m excited you get to talk this next Sunday! I get to talk on Sunday too! We got assigned yesterday to speak about one of the conference addresses. His excuse for the not-so-long heads up was that we have much more time to think about it and prepare than does the normal member of the church. No worries though, I’ve forgiven him already for that misunderstanding!

Isaac is baptized?!?! So sorry about the Dog drama. At least it keeps things lively! Real talk though, and Sister Biggs can vouch for me. This week Isaac randomly came into our conversation. I think because I couldn’t remember how to pronounce Leah in the Bible as in, the Polynesian way or the English way. Then I was smiling just imagining telling Isaac how they’d pronounce his name here. Eesuh-ock. I mean, not really. But the tease would have been fun! Then I realized that Isaac would be turning 8 while I was here in Hawaii and I was super bummed about missing his baptism. Who knows. I could have been saying that as he was plugging his nose to be dunked. Just my luck. Still, I am so happy for him! I love so much all the little synchronicities. Recognizing many people would think them insignificant; they are so fun and meaningful to me.

Congrats to Dusty and little Whitney! And if it counts for anything, my thoughts are that they should probably get married at the beginning of 2017.

Shoots. I still miss my people on the daily, so it is so good to hear that Spencer is still on the up and up!

This week we had a mission President prescribed “Fasting and Finding Friday.” Which basically means we leave the pad at 10 a.m. and contact new people (i.e. tract) with no break until we come in for dinner at 8 p.m. We prayed for love and success all week leading up to it. Help to motivate ourselves for the right reasons. And I am confident, looking back on it, that our prayers were answered. It was fun at first (like that time Sister Biggs accidentally started introducing herself as Sister Carlsen, or when I asked Andrew what the weird looking green clumps all over the sidewalk were, to which he answered, “Wet leaves.”) and rewarding at the end (Fresh kale-pineapple-grape juice? So on!), but admittedly discouraging at many moments in between.

Near the close of the day however, we tracted into a less active/part member family who hasn’t been to church in years. They moved to Hawaii from Georgia not too long ago and just in the past few months they’ve been searching, looking to go back to church. Penny had been talking to her Mom over the phone about it earlier in the week. Understandably, she thought that her mother had sent us over and was just as surprised as us to find out it had really been some happy accident. They are so awesome! Plus the kids love me, so I have no complaints. 🙂

I know that up until that point, God was definitely testing our diligence. The day passed slowly and quickly all at the same time. We didn’t meet as many people as we’d been expecting, nor did we come even close to hitting our expected key indicators. It was worth it, though. When the end of the day came, we had seen plenty of miracles big and small.

Then Saturday happened and I was so extremely content to ride out the waves from the day prior. We were soooo blessed! It brought to my mind that infinitely applicable verse in Ether 12, “Ye receive not the witness until after the trial of your faith.” When we have a hope, a belief, a trust, and a willingness to persevere, then we can be assured. God has promised that the blessing will come. How immediately is another matter entirely.

Other things:

I discovered that Patrick, who I though was in his mid to late 40s, was old enough to be involved in real estate business back in ’69. I have never been so unsettled about my abilities as I am now! Also, he has a chef that brings his lunch to work every day. Why was I surprised?

Tuesday morning the Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on our door. Vern and Margaret. They were trembling some as soon as they saw the name tags. Super sweet though! They pretty much said goodbye after we introduced ourselves but before they could back away too far we asked them to share a message with us and in turn we shared one with them. It was truly eye opening to experience their bashfulness, for whatever reason. It was evidence to me that they could sense, as could we, that they know at some level inside of them that our message is much greater, our spirit much more powerful. It renewed my confidence and all in all I thought it was a great way to start off the day. Sadly, after district meeting we didn’t get out into our area too much. Sister Blackner wasn’t feeling well, so we did exchanges to cover everyone’s appointments. Still, not too big a sacrifice since she’s my longest and closest missionary friend!

One of the JWs lives next door to some members of our ward. Pretty sure we’ve tracted her home before. Better still, I saw Vern at FoodLand earlier today! Oh the joys of living in a small world.

Hopefully I’ll get back on track and write some letters off to you soon. So much to tell!

Miss you much,

Sister Carlsen

p.s. Thanks for the pictures mom! Sorry I’ve been slacking on taking mine. I need a new memory card!

So sad about Aunt Dona! I will pray for her. In Hawaii she would have moved in with family a long time ago. So interesting the differences in culture between here and the mainland. Big commitment, obviously, but maybe you could road trip up to Washington and spend some time visiting! A nice excursion, that’s for sure. 🙂 Shoots, I miss driving long distances. It’s embarrassing how far it seems to me when I hear about people going to Waianae.

LAST pillsIMG_0005



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