Even if it’s yellow

18 April 2016

Mom! I want a copy of your talk, too! Mine was… uhhhhhh 😉 You’ve taught me well. Haha.

This week was super busy, which we loved! We didn’t do too much work in the YSA ward other than attending their activities, but Kaneohe 1st ward is really making some nice strides. We also met a lady who went to see the Book of Mormon Musical. She didn’t end up getting a copy of the Book of Mormon so we gave her one and plan to follow up in the coming weeks.

Lately I’ve been working on being more exactly obedient in the little things and I really believe I felt such a difference (mostly in my ability to trust myself). As in when I get an idea or prompting, I can, with more surety know that it truly is from the Spirit and I have wholeheartedly loved seeing the miracles that result.

Every Wednesday is supposed to be Walking Wednesday. I’ve justified for some time now by counting those 7 weeks we were carless in Waipahu. But it was a pretty lame excuse, so we’ve repented now and this week we actually did it. We planned to tract near home for the first half of the day. One door in I felt so sick. A feeling that is cliché(ly) inexplicable. I just knew there was some place else we were supposed to be. I’ve practiced a long time though, so I ignored it for a few more minutes. One door later I confessed to Sister Biggs. Of course when she asked where it was I wanted to go I was pretty clueless. We walked to the next house. By then I was thinking yellow. Meaning the area that is color coated yellow in our area book. The AREA that is the furthest away from the point we were standing at. I didn’t want to say it for fear of being wrong.

Sister Biggs was a trooper with me, though, so patient, so we started walking back to home base to regroup. We stopped on the corner. We talked some and decided to pray. Sister Biggs asked if we were planning on walking to where ever we decided. I said yups and she confirmed and said we would “even if it’s yellow.” I’m super insecure still so when we opened our eyes, in order to be sure I recommended we count to three and say what we were feeling. I know I need to stop being so demanding of God, yeah? I’m working on it. But hey, God is good and Sister Biggs and I both said yellow. So we stopped home for sunscreen and went on our way.

Two and a half hours later we’d talked to four people. Literally no one was on the sidewalks and no one at home, one guy was “cooking,” some seemingly harmless old lady told us through her window to go away and another guy was parked in a moving van on the side walk. That one made the neck pretty sore. We were pretty beat. Not because we walked or anything, although it was hot, I know that we are still way too blessed to be genuinely justified in complaining about that. We were beat because we felt like we were wandering for no reason.

There was some stray dog though, so when we turned around to head home for lunch I went to pet it and it was nice, not the most normal Hawaiian dog description. He even let me pick him up! Then I saw another dog or two come out of a garage a few doors down and I realized that the cutie wasn’t a stray. Janda, was the one tending to them, she doesn’t live at the house though. She was just doing favors for a friend by tidying up. She was kind. We found out after some ice-breaking discussion that she’s a long time less active of the church. Her family is still strong, but she’s been away for multiple decades now. We shared with her a verse from 3 Nephi that says simply, “Old things are done away, and all things are become new.” (Don’t think I’m mean or anything, but I was so happy when she cried.) It was clearly the good kind of tears, and I knew then that we were in the right place. The lack of interaction we had on the way there and on the way back was entirely worth it.

Our favorite 🙂

IMG_0050Bishop read to us a portion of The Friend earlier this week, a bit about Elder Bednar I think, and it said something like, “Do you think God would send an apostle of the Lord all the way around the world for only one person? The answer is yes, and He does it all the time.”

Recognizing we’re not ever near Elder Bednar status, I felt the truth of this so powerfully when we left Janda, I’ve been running on that high all week!

Oh the things you learn. I am so grateful that God, and all of you for that matter, are patient with me and that He has been merciful as I have run my own experiments and tested not necessarily His power, but my own understanding of it.

Another one:

Last week on Finding Friday we were tracting a particularly fruitless street. Our last effort before doors in the face was always, “Do you know of any one else who would be interested in hearing a message about _______?” Any fitting gospel principle. One guy, about ready to walk away stopped in his tracks and said to us, “Two doors down to the right.” It was the weirdest thing the way he said it, so certain. So I naturally had to ask, in my light-hearted way, if he was being 100% serious. He responded that he was, and we parted ways. I regret to admit that it took us a few days to actually fit it into our scheduling. Finally this past Thursday afternoon we swung by. Sister Biggs offered a prayer prior to hopping out of the car and while she spoke I had the thought, “7:00.” We were already there, and I didn’t want to NOT knock, only to return later in the evening and still have no answer, so I wrote it down in my planner to keep in mind.

No one was home. So we went on with our day. Then after dinner, on our way out to Kailua for a YSA activity I asked Sister Biggs if we could swing by again. And guess what. HE WAS HOME!

His name is Steven. He is truly golden, and I am so glad that the one guy didn’t hesitate to speak what came to his mind. The spirit is real.

Obviously there was more that happened this week. Sorry I didn’t include so many little random things. Know there were lots and I’ll do my best to continue writing them down in my journal and stuff.

Thanks for the family updates; they always make me super happy. 🙂

All my love,

Sister Carlsen

p.s. Sister Biggs and I are going to stay together. 3 transfers! Looks like I’m on track for a 3 area mission…




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