Two weeks in one

2 May 2016

First things:

Next Monday will NOT be pday. Tuesday will be pday because we’re going to the temple.

Crazy that I actually just successfully gave you a heads up, yeah? First time of my entire mission– I’m surprised, too!

IMPORTANT: I was shifting around some pictures from memory card to memory card a few minutes ago and I definitely accidentally overwrote all the pictures from today’s hike. Along with like, all of March. I think. Please keep a hold on the ones I sent home! I want to cry, but I will not.

Second things:

I actually have no clue where we’re going to be google-hangout-ing from on Sunday, but I do know that we will find a place. And that we will be in church from 9:00 am to 4:00ish p.m., so it’ll for sure be in the evening hours for you. I will communicate through my members if needs be as we get closer to the date. Don’t be stressing!

Now that I’m out of time to spend procrastinating, I will move on to my week.

This week, I will be completely 100% honest and candid, felt like a total slump. There were lots of factors, probably mostly because last week was extra exciting. But all in all I think if I let myself, I can see that God always provided an up after the apparent down.


Kahapeas fell through, but then we went to Sister McComas’s and she gave us hot oatmeal cookies then milk and let us practice teaching her.

And that’s pretty much it.

Really though, y’all should volunteer to have the missionaries teach you the discussions. All parties stand to benefit!

Sorry so brief, I have to go. But I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Much love and aloha, Aubrey


10 May 2016

Don’t worry, Mom, this week was much better than last week! It was soooo sooo soo nice to see you all on Hangout. We should definitely be allowed to talk more often!

This morning we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the temple! I am always so amazed at the way God’s timing turns out to be perfect. The drive over and the time there and the drive back could not have been any more exactly what I needed. Whenever it is I come back to visit Hawai’i I will not stay in a hotel. I will stay on the beaches and in my friends’ homes. It is the only worthwhile way. So badly I want to be sure to see everything I didn’t feel like I had time to look at.

I think what helped me best to get out of the slump from that extra weird week that happened two weeks ago was going on exchanges with my favorite person, Sister Blackner! We will be friends in the eternities I have no doubt. Sorry I’m about to be brief, here is an outline of our 24 hours together:

  1. Talked with lights out for way too long.
  2. Made acai bowls for breakfast.
  3. Did normal morning stuff.
  4. Did normal missionary stuff.
  5. Miraculously met a less active lady whom I have been trying to get to open the door for the entire 5 months that I’ve been in Kaneohe. I didn’t understand Sister Blackner’s reason for being so okay to let her decline our visit until I realized she had no pants on. We’ll try another day.
  6. Did other normal missionary stuff until dinnertime.
  7. Had Panda Express with the Livingston’s. Andrew is such a slice!
  8. Rushed over to our lesson at the Ahuna’s  (Tiwi yelled at us!) where President called his cry of “Branch Presidents can hug.” Awkwardly did not escape the following hug from our YSA investigator. And sat down for dinner . . . . . again.

It was good. Sorry I’m doing exactly the list sort of thing that you said was so tedious. Obviously much more happened in the past 7 days, and yes, I love you a lot, but I also really would love a p-day nap…

Talk next week 🙂


p.s. thank you for everything again.


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