Science is His Law

24 May 2016

Glad to hear the kids are keeping you two young 🙂 and that you made it home from your adventures okay! You know, I’m really jealous that y’all went to Maddox. I’ve been missing fried chicken lately. We don’t eat it as often here, which is a little rough, because I think the Samoans got me addicted!

The picture of Marian and Zachary just melts me! While, of course, I am glad to be enjoying all of Hawai’i, I really don’t like that they are growing up without me being there.

Things to be aware of:

I have a cold.

I’m being transferred. Next Wednesday, I mean. Transfer news hasn’t come officially, so I don’t know where. And as always, nothing is yet set is stone. But in my interview President did say something along the lines of, “Whoa. You’ve been here 4 transfers? You’ll for sure be leaving then.” So yeah, actually, it’s pretty set. I’ll probs be sending home some packages if I’m going outer Island. Just a heads up!

I might need some new closed-toe shoes soon. My t-straps are still usable and still my favorite, but apparently every Sunday and every missionary meeting for 10 months straight has been about all they can handle.

President Warner has appealed to headquarters to see if we also can be approved to wear pants. Big Island has seen a significant number of dengue cases over the past year, and all the other missions in the South Pacific were approved, so I guess we’ll just have to wait it out and see. I think the example pictures look way awesome and professional! But even still, dresses are the best. In our friend Alex, from YSA’s words, “There were some days in my mission when I wished I was wearing a dress.” He served in India.

Actually, just a few days prior to receiving word that slacks for sisters were becoming a thing I’d told Sister Biggs that whenever it is I come home I’m probably just going to stock my wardrobe with just a couple of the comfy kind. Rotate them through each day and live my life in the freedom that is NOT pants. Think about it: there’s a reason that every angel that has ever appeared to anyone in any era was wearing nothing but a robe.

Hats though! I am so excited that we can wear sun hats! Mom, remember that time pre-mission when I asked you if we were allowed to wear them for sun protection? For real this is a dream come true. If I was already home from my mission… Oh, that would be so sad (for multiple reasons). But now, since I was a slow comer, I get to enjoy the new wardrobe standards! I’ve never been so grateful that I was so slow to come around accepting my testimony and wanting to share it. God is the master of logistics.

Another story about that, Saturday Sister Biggs and I spent all of our time at the stake center checking the entire zones planners and area books while President conducted his bi-transfer interviews. Sister Warner wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed home but sent a box of Gogurts for us all to snack on. After a while Sister Biggs and I decided to take them to the freezer where they sat for most of the day. For lunch we ate Panda Express, and I got an empty fortune cookie. But that’s an entirely different, though equally uncanny, story. Eventually everything was finished up and we did the tidying and headed out. But then I remembered the Gogurts. (Much better now that they were frozen.) So Sister Biggs and I trekked over to the kitchen to pick them up and ran into the Stake Relief Society President, Sister Tano, who was just beginning to unload in preparation for the dinner they were cooking for the visiting general authorities. As we left out the door I thought to ask if they needed any help to which she responded by explaining how she’s just been on the phone with someone who had cancelled on her and she’d been panicking over who she could call so last minute.

It’s a lesson I seem to be learning lately–never neglect the seemingly usual things (whether it be offering help or orchestrating the traditional sister missionary “surprise party” (yet another humbling and heart-warming story) just because they become mundane or expected or haven’t been perfectly successful in the past. You never know who it might really make a difference for.


Sister  Lee’s Birthday Bash

We returned to help out an hour later, and Sister Tano offered the most sincerely grateful prayer. It’s nice to have those moments as missionaries. Sure, we know at the core that our calling is one of miracles and power and happiness, but that doesn’t make it any easier to actually believe it.

I sure am glad that Sister Warner thought to send us that box of Gogurts. Again, God is the master of logistics. I’m right with you Mom. Science is His law, strategy is His means.

Something I’ve been pondering on lately… the elders in Kaneohe 3rd have been busy assigning everyone Harry Potter character names. Obviously I’m Hermione. Though I don’t know why it took them all transfer to figure it out. (See attached picture for exhibit 43). My point is, I’m really going to miss this frizziness.


Exhibit 43

My current favorite person is Andrea. She’s a YSA investigator. Sherard’s girlfriend who has been coming to church starting around the time we took over the singles. Since Sherard is an RM and since it seemed especially like he was puppy guarding a smidgen, we were pretty chill and played to friendship game for a few weeks. Last Wednesday I talked with her for nearly an hour. She is such a saint. Like, more than any of us. And the time has come! She’s ready to learn now, and I could not be more excited! She’s a teacher so she wanted to wait until school finished to start up the lessons. We’re set for next Tuesday. AKA my last day in Kaneohe.

Why is life so hard!

That said, life is of course very beautiful. I still remember clearly that moment Uncle David Shichida hopped through the bushes to get us blue flowers from the temple grounds to press for our journals. The church is so true.

Love and miss you,  Aubrey


Brother and Sister Shichida at the temple




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