Haku Leis

30 May 2016

Hi Mom!

Let me start out by speaking in a cliché: God is good.

Oh, I was so sick with some bad cold. No warning and my nose would just drip like a water faucet. Low grade fever, too. So, more for the benefit of others than for myself, we stayed in Tuesday night. I was going crazy though, and after reading way too many conference talks, if that’s possible, I really needed something to do. Tired and miserable as I was, sleep was just not an option because I could not breathe or swallow, so I decided to pick out my clothes for the last days of the transfer and pack everything else. Really I think it was pretty fun. Helped me to organize my brain a bunch, which is always good. Aunty Gloria made us chicken noodle soup. Wednesday I read more conference talks, finished the Book of Mormon (it is so real), and stayed in since I couldn’t go anywhere without a roll of toilet paper (for my nose). But it rained all day, and for that I was happy.

Still, even more happy was Thursday morning on our way up Mokulele when I saw that there were waterfalls on the Ko’olaus.

YES. Hoi, words cannot explain that happy dance!

My heart was at peace from that moment on. I was reconciled to leaving Kaneohe.

Then on Saturday President Warner called us with transfer news, and jokes! Sister Biggs is going to Hilo and I’m staying here.

FOR REAL. Five transfers and still potential for more. I’m training a new missionary: Sister Taufu’i from Tonga and aside from the great confusion, and the chore of unpacking my suitcase, I’m really grateful this wacky week isn’t my last week here.

Turns out I get to teach Andrea and go to ward camp after all!

Sorry my weekly report is pretty slim. Between MLC Monday, pDay Tuesday, sick Wednesday, service and week plan Thursday, zone meeting on Friday and more service on Saturday, it kind of blew past without me noticing.

Well actually. We totally trespassed (as in climbed the gate) on church property with Aunty Lola to pick flowers to make Haku Leis (flower crowns) on the day no one really wanted to breathe my air.


And I learned to air layer on Saturday morning with Brother Mossman at his cousin’s house.

Yeah actually a lot of random things happened. Probably the most random though was a water balloon fight with the Mathis family. Josh will be a member in no time. 😉 If that didn’t soften his heart I don’t know what will!

Love and miss you. And Happy Birthday, Dad!

–Sister Carlsen

Goodbye Sister Hannah Biggs



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