Lanikai at Sunrise

27 June 2016

Ohhhhhhhh, Mom.

The pictures from the wedding are so perfect! The Converse (shoes) are super chill and so inexplicably Gari. Everything and everyone is beautiful. I am glad that everyone could be together. Of course, it is really difficult for me to look at it all, imagine the much blood, sweat, tears, and pent up frustration that went into that food and decor and not wish that I could have been there. Seeing all the family and the work behind the scenes… I just do not know how I feel about having missed it! My insides stir a little, with excitement and with both happiness and sadness. I don’t even know anymore what life is going to be when I get home. Leave it to me to choose such an eventful year to be ship out!

I think it’s just hard to reconcile because in my head the only thing I am even capable of successfully imagining is the same home life that I left just over a year ago. Hearing about all the many events it is great, but it’s not the same as experiencing them, and it stresses me out to think about jumping back into it again. I swear it’ll be like being dropped onto some speedy treadmill and instead of hitting the ground running I fall straight on my back and hit my head and go into a coma for 4 months. Rough.

Anyway (my friend Alex,a normal person, in the Kaneohe YSA ward totally says anywayS, just for the record) this week was slightly alternative. At least, the latter portion of it was.

Tuesday we taught Keao (our YSA LA. She was born blind) the plan of salvation. Extremely personally relevant since her fiancée just passed away. There is truly nothing that can bring the spirit quite like immediate application. Later, after a hard visit (I think it might have to be the last, or rather, I know it needs to be, so that’s why) with one of my favorite families ever, we met up with the Kaneohe 4th sisters (our STLs) for exchanges. Guess who I got? Yes, the missionary love of my life, Sister Blackner. That’s three transfers in a row, but hey, God speaks, and I’m not complaining! Of course I felt a little guilty being with her because we’ve been exchange companions for the past three transfers now, but as soon as we swapped and the other sisters drove away some load of tension that I didn’t even know I’d been harnessing was gone. I felt infinitely lighter and I know that she is exactly what I’ve needed! Things with Sister Blackner are so simple and sometimes I’m bummed because I know that must mean we’ll never actually be companions. Still. There is no convincing me it is any accident that we have been together nearly our whole missions. She has already been my friend for a lifetime . . . . Wednesday was so freeing.

Third time up Lanikai with Sister Blackner. Blessings of being in Kaneohe for so many months . . .

Brother Shichida will be a gospel doctrine teacher in no time if he doesn’t stop showing off to us everything he soaks in from his Book of Mormon reading! Hoi, if only he really knew how gifted he was. He is such a special soul, you know, and in some ways he reminds me a lot of myself. He has a testimony, on some level with him he knows that he is worthy and capable, but he’s too stubborn to accept the facts. I love that man, too much. And Sister Shichida, too! I will be back for their sealing, no ifs, ands, or buts.

We did a lot of service on Thursday.

Friday we tracted until our feet and knuckles were slightly pained (= all day).

Saturday was service stuff allllll day. We did some cleaning up at Kalama Beach Park with the Pali Lions Club. I think I wanna join ours when I get back! So many cool cool people. No sand, I promise. Then we drove back home, changed to proselyting clothes and stopped in at the Eubanks birthday party to say hello before driving again out to Waimanalo for an appointment with a YSA RM that just moved to the island. He cancelled. So we drove out the Waimanalo Beach Park to do our personal study near the water. It is so pretty there. I can’t NOT come back!

Then we went to the YSA pool party because there were a few potential investigators. That was awesome, but also AWKWARD. I’m sorry, I’m just giving you a list of my week.

Then we drove back to Kaneohe, changed to pants. (My khakis still fit! though whether or not they look good is another story . . .), and headed once again to Waimanalo to do service at the 3rd annual Rodeo! So much fun, and so many people to give pass-along cards to. It was all good until all the other missionaries left us there and we had to tell people which lines to go to all on our own. Some guy from the ticket booth came and yelled at us once because a few of the people had been standing in the wrong line and it was our fault. Which is 100% true. But what was not my fault was the fact that they had written up the signs in a wonky way. How was I supposed to see from way back where I was that the sign that said “will call” also had an arrow pointing to the other line. Couldn’t they have just put a will call sign on the other line in the first place? I’ve grown up a lot, and I can handle being yelled at pretty well, and had I not been wearing a nametag with Jesus’s name on it I probably could’ve just brushed it off, but this time I felt especially terrible because who knows, now those certain people are going to remember how the Mormon missionary sent them to the wrong line at the Waimanalo Rodeo. Thank goodness the Atonement is real! I was so happy to take the sacrament yesterday you I just cannot explain.

And on that note, I have to go, but hopefully I will find a moment to write to you about my lovely Sunday experiences. They’re less listy than this.

Love and miss you much. I’m doing well and hope you are, too.

Sister Carlsen



2 thoughts on “Lanikai at Sunrise

  1. Aubrey, you are an Angel! We Are in awe of your work! We enliyed listening to your beautiful music Kate has in her laptop! Wow! We all want copies of your original.

    You are doing great work, and though we miss you, we know your incredible joy-filled spirit is one meNt to share! We love you dearly!

    Should my dreM come true and I get to visit Hawaii, we’ll see if our parhs happen to cross;)

    Goodnight! Much Love!
    Greg, Chris, Bren,Grant, and Matilyn

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Aubrey,
    We will have some opportunities to visit, eat, share the gospel, see your place, learn a must-do or see…etc

    We don’t want to interrupt your mission, but would love to see your beautiful face, hear your sweet voice and feel your sweet spirit.

    We arrive in Honolulu’s airport 8pm July19th and board the ship July 23 (Grant’s 13th bday).

    We will completely understand if u can’t fit us in, but didn’t want to be there, and you not know!
    We love you so dearly!❤️ Take care – “God Bless and Keep You”!
    PS what would you love us to bring you from Home?😘
    Love, Greg, Chris, Bffren, Grant, and Matti


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