Farewell Kane’ohe

18 July 2016

Firstly, I get such a kick out of hearing all the adventures that Rob and Esther’s adventure is bringing to everyone else in the family. Namely you and Dad. Hoi Zachary… He’s got good head on his shoulders! Good and full of mischief, sounds like, but good nonetheless. Thank you for the many beautiful pictures.

Well, my time in Kaneohe has expired.

I am so extremely grateful to have has this 5th transfer here on Windward side. As you know… I was far too ready to ship out of Kaneohe last time. Literally had my bags packed (though mainly because I was sick and needed something to do).

image1image2 (1)

It’s like when we were little and you’d tell us “Lets leave while we’re still having fun!” Only in an opposite sort of way, I had to stay a little longer in order for that love and enjoyment to resurface.

Of course I wouldn’t have known it then, but leaving when I expected to leave would have been a real bummer. So much better to leave now, when I really don’t want to. I even wrote in my journal a few days ago that, given the perspective I have at the moment, I would gladly give up Kaua’i if it meant I could stay in Kaneohe.

It’s hard to go, and for so many reasons. There is much in the line up for Kaneohe over the next few weeks and months, but I know that Maui will be amazing, too. I feel very at peace about it, which for me, is pretty impressive!


Love you always Brother and Sister Shichida

Looking forward to making Makawao ward my 3rd Hawaiian home!

Aloha, Aubrey

p.s. Sorry, had computer troubles, so that’s why it’s extra brief. I’ll try to write a letter on my flight (pretty lengthy you know, 20 minutes) 😉 Wednesday morning.

Kaneohe, Infinite Beauty




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