A Good Day

27 July – 1 August

A list:

  • Never yet called Sister Modolon by a previous companion’s name. But this did happen, “Shampoo is so cheap here!” said Sister Modolon. Said I, “What, is it really expensive in TONGA?” Oh man we laughed. BRAZIL, Sister!
  • Sister Modolon doesn’t like to squash ANY kinds of bugs. Concerning the cockroach that was practically chasing us around the other night: Me, “Better get ready to smash it!” Her, “No! It’s a creation of God, but it’s gross.”
  • The night we played with the Gak we’d made for the demonstration in our training for zone meeting whilst reading “Consecrated Missionary” for language study. We live a good life.
  • This morning, “Seester, seester, seester . . .” What’d I do this time?” To which she says: “You are breathing. This is the problem.” Aw man, I love her so much!
  • She’s a piano person by the way. And a good one at that.

I think Makawao ward has the places I imagined those months leading up to my arrival in Hawai’i. The members give us FRUIT every visit nearly! Dreams are coming true. Many of them. My prayer as transfers drew nearer was that IF I had to leave Kaneohe, then I would be able to be in a place where I could see the people progress and experience with them the entering or re-entering of the Spirit into many lives. Then there was the part of me that really hoped that area would happen to be an Kaua’i, but that was a surface level desire. A deeply rooted one, at that, but admittedly superficial. I really feel this is the place. We have been so blessed!

This week was short. Between MLC on Monday, p-day on Tuesday, having to stay more than half of the day at interviews checking area books and planners, and zone meeting on Friday, our proselyting time felt practically non-existent. I also loved it though because it helped me not to take it for granted. Wednesday and Saturday were our only complete days, so you can bet we planned carefully. One street in Haliimaile and we found six new investigators. Sister M and I could not have been happier! My companion is so on it: randomly grabs the Pohnpeian (indigenous Micronesian language) pamphlet. Randomly walks into Eldridge, a very kind Pohnpeian family man. Then we went to set an appointment with our Spanish potential, Nancy. Shoots I cannot wait to really delve in and learn new languages! She just had a baby three weeks ago and they’re cooking for a church. I understood quite a bit of the conversation (Sister M understands Spanish, but doesn’t speak) so it was fun. We decided to tract the rest of her street before Sunday to try to find another investigator to teach when we brought our friend Brother Page (served in Guatemala) back with us. Friday we found two. Same street as Nancy. Uncle Alfred asked US for a return appointment and Jennifer is already Mormon and just doesn’t know it. A good day.DSC07452[1]

Billy the goat who thinks he’s a dog.


My favorite parts of the week though:

  • Telling the Chong Ohana about each person in my family. I have so much to brag about and at the same time, all the more to be humble.
  • Nearly getting teary when talking to Sister Bekker (new mission president’s wife) about you all. Moment of honesty: teary because I definitely love and miss you all and because I’m completely in awe of how amazing you are, then also I think because I’m slightly overwhelmed by that amazingness, too. I’m just as undecided about my future as I have always been, and I find it frustrating and frightening. I know that I should make plans, and in my head sometimes I try, but no conclusions. Sister Modolon has done well helping me to remember that the more I devote myself to the mission now–the closer to God I become NOW–the better off I will be when I get home. He’ll direct me when the next phase begins. Editor’s note–Just a reminder Aubrey considers herself the least smart of the family . . . . whatever :/
  • Meeting Foster on Saturday morning. I love these kinds of happy accidents! He is the only one who’s not a member in his family, but I don’t know why. He doesn’t pray, so that’s probably why, but why doesn’t he pray? I really can’t say just yet. All I do know is that he has a lot of light, and he’s hilarious and I love him. We’ll see.
  • Listening to Brother Page share about Joseph Smith in Spanish. Maybe it’s because I knew already what he was talking about, but I swear in that moment, I did understand every word. The Spirit is real.
  • The difference that was so completely visable in Brother Ringor. He and the family came back to church for the first time in a LONG time last Sunday (July 24) I didn’t see him through from the start, but I was witness. July 23- 30. He is a new person. He has light again.

I’m tired. Really tired and I think a little homesick for O’ahu. But I love it here.

The Church is true in Maui, too 🙂

–aloha aubs–

p.s. Soooooooooo funny the picture! “TB life tho . . .” Elder Neff. Yeah, I think your guess about the situation is probably correct. I think that’s actually the picture from their missionary pad the day we came to get Books of Mormon from their car. Good times.


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