Joy is in the Little Things

5 September 2016

Hi Mom,

The weeks go by so fast now I can’t hardly think of what to write. Then again, having a difficult time thinking up what to write is not a new problem for me.

Hurricanes threaten, but they never come. On another positive note, all of the missionaries currently serving in Hawaii are now Red Cross certified to volunteer in case of a real disaster, which I think is pretty cool. Small tangent, I am extremely interested in working some day for LDS Charities.

I am happy to hear that a few of your storms of busyness seem to have calmed, as well. You really deserve to relax and I hope that you, Dad, Em and all find a moment to do that.

Something odd that I find myself craving every once in a while (other than all of your homemade food, which is already a given): Wingers.

And to make this a chew-able bite, here is the ultimate of the 14+ highlights of the week…

Foster prayed!

Oh man, there is no possible way to describe how great the love and charity is that I feel towards our bud, Fosta.

Quick background, all of Foster’s family has over the years, converted to the church. For one reason or another, he got a little skipped over. We went one day, to find some less actives not knowing that the Hafokas (his active family members) lived next door to the family we were looking for. Foster was outside, we talked, had a good time, set a return appointment, the works. The next day at church Sister Hafoka, Foster’s sister, lovingly said to us, in her sassy Tongan kind of way, “Good luck!”

But you know, I think the timing was perfect. The way that we accidentally met him was perfect, and Foster this time around, is really ready to make these changes. It has been such a joy to teach him. I’ve grown so much by simply being a part of it all.

From day one, the struggle has been, for him, prayer. He hasn’t been able to do it. Practically all life long, actually. So we have been working hard and praying hard for him, and that we, as the missionaries will be able to have the spirit to help us as we teach.

Especially since we had to teach him the law of chastity this weekend. You know how awkward I am.

Anyway, while joking around to procrastinate beginning the lesson I stopped and really felt to ask, “Foster, will you say the prayer at the end of the lesson?” It’s so simple, and it’s something that we say often, but I could feel in my own voice that there was a different origin this time. He paused, pondered, and agreed. From that point, God took over and miracles happened. I didn’t even laugh through the rest of the discussion. He is so good.

We got to the end, and said, “horight, you ready?”

We didn’t know if he was really going to do it, but we acted like we knew he was. I really so have an incredibly great amount of faith in him. We bowed our heads and waited. And waited more. After a while he apologized, telling us he was so afraid. And I could sense that he really was. Man, I wanted to hug our big Tongan friend so badly. Instead, we prayed silently for him. After rubbing his eyes and mustering up some intense courage, he said the most perfect prayer I have ever heard. Even used proper prayer language, not that that’s a requirement in making a perfect prayer, but still. He was truly a natural.

My smile was as big as a banana. Even with my eyes closed, I knew Sister Modolon’s smile was, too. I was about 4 centimeters from crying I was so happy!

Joy really is in the little things. And I am so incredibly grateful to experience these at times seemingly little things alongside people like Foster. My future children will no doubt be calling him Uncle.

Love you so much.

Sister Carlsen

Joy in the little things . . . rain, sweets, clouds . . . 



One thought on “Joy is in the Little Things

  1. Aubrey, your emails are fun to read. Your writing ability is great. I’m glad you are serving a mission and know it will benefit you throughout your life. I’m pleased that you have written your experiences so well, something to re-read and enjoy with your family in the future.
    Keep on keeping….

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