People-Part 2

THURSDAY—August 4, 2016

*See that one video I sent you with the giant bird who likes to screech in my ear. Service at Aunty Agnes’, shoots she is so cute. She has choke (lots) plants and I really love plants. She learned to paint with acrylics a few years back, and while her late husband was enduring cancer treatments and couldn’t leave the house she stayed indoors with him and painted a mural on their bedroom wall of one of their favorite places to go together. It was so beautiful! The corner? ESPECIALLY 3-D. And holding the cockatoo? He’s like my best friend now too! My dream is to have lots of art, books, architecture books and animal books. Fun and uplifting and educational all at the same time. Agnes had some, the Kahola’a’s, too. And Caroline in Kaneohe!


FRIDAY—August 5

Exchanges with Lahaina. They said it was hot. NO need bring blanket. What they forgot to mention was that they had A/C. I am not used to A/C!! I FROZE all night. Oh the struggles of Hawaii. 🙂

I saw lots of sea turtles along the shore at lunch and our apartment there reminded me of a fancy Waipahu. It was nostalgic for me and I liked it a lot.


God was working behind the scenes, for sure. We saw all our people AND got to go to the Waepua’s baptism all because I had the thought to go out to Foster’s appointment early. My surface level reasoning was because I was tired of knocking empty doors but hey God has his many mysterious ways, yeah? At lunchtime I got mail. Dusty’s wedding invitation! I am so happy for them!


*I didn’t really remember it was my birthday until after I said my morning prayers. Then I tried to forget again. It’s better this way. I’m so old!

Brother France (he always wears purple shirts and Sister M recently commented that he and I have the same hair. I really love him!) came with us to a return appointment with sweet sweet Uncle Alfred. Bro France is a convert and missionary work is so natural to him. I was so tickled as was my companion. Alfred had read our pamphlet and the lesson went lots of directions as he reviewed with us what he’d learned seeking confirmation. His comprehension and pure willingness to actually learn was impeccable to me. Sister M and I were so joyfully taken aback as he spoke to us about his understanding of the priesthood, his thoughts on Joseph Smith . . . all of it. He’d genuinely let it soak in. Eventually the conversation came here, “Uncle do you believe the Joseph Smith was a prophet of God?” YES. “Do you believe the Gospel in its fullness was restored?” YES. We then set him to be baptized Labor Day weekend. Whoops! All days are as one for us, so . . . yeah. It didn’t even cross my mind. No worries though. Maybe the 27th of August will be better anyway!


Our dear friend Alfred 🙂

Later on he snuck in to church. Hoi, he was so cute! What with his silver and black slicked back hair and the white polo shirt, fancy pants and suspenders. Seeing Brother France walk him over to where we were sitting I could NOT hide my overjoyedness. I was so happy. During the sacrament he thumbed through his Book of Mormon to find something to read and I looked at all his bookmarks (AKA pass-along cards). My smile was goofy out of place, but I really couldn’t help it. Best birthday present ever. The cherry on top, too? Midway through testimony meeting he leaned over and said, “Next time I’ll go and share my testimony!” I really love him. And Foster, too! Totally followed through and it meant the world to me. And to God, too, I know.

Funny thing after sacrament meeting: Bro Savou enlisted us to teach the youth about marriage and temples. That was a real good one. And after church when Bishop found out it was my birthday he found an old half-eaten candy lei and gave me a snickers from it. He is so cute. The Adam’s had stir fry, no rice, for dinner. It was literally dream-come-true status. So good. I even liked the shrimp a lot. Brother Adams used to collect guns. He’s cool. I’m so sorry I always get into writing down aimless facts, just know, it was a day full of good things. I was a little sad though, because Uncle Landlord (can’t remember his name) left for Fiji. I really really love him and Aunty Reinette. It’s good she’s still here, but I’ll sure be missing his jolliness. He’s practically Santa’s brother. He’ll be gone to their Fiji home until November. (Part of me thinks he’s avoiding elections.) I just can’t wait for the day we bridge the 20 year long gap of “Hi-goodbye” tenants into “We love you, you love us, let us teach you the Restoration and Word of Wisdom now” kind friends. I swear I feel it happening! The other neighbor? I haven’t met the wife. She’s a full-time minister of a church. Dan and the dog (Pearly) are chill though! Even with the one spider Sister M didn’t kill still lurking around our pad, Makawao is a super wonderful place. You know, I really love Idaho, but listen. I’ve been thinking about the millennium and how all of the land will be gathered together in one. This means no islands. Just something to consider. Maybe we all come live the island life while we still can, yeah? It is so nice. There’s plenty cows and horses here practically like the mainland. Even deer, too! They have deer crossing signs to warn and everything. Life is good.

Much aloha, Sister Carlsen

P.S. b-day package came Monday after email. You have the best taste in the world. Birks on point. Cool thing: The pants are borderline big. Best news ever!


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