12 September 2016

Okay I will hurry.

Sister Modolon and I had a really cool experience last night. Since moving language study back to the morning, we have been struggling some to find people to see and places to go in the later evening. It has taken a lot of diligence and faith, for sure. Took us a few days to actually remember to put our flashlights in our bags, in fact, I still haven’t done it. Sister Modolon, however, is on it, so we’re good now ;).

Background information, I made a deal with God this week that whenever I make a wrong turn, I’m going to trust it is for a purpose and try to meet someone there before getting back en route.

Anyway, I missed a turn and turned onto a nearby street to flip around and noticed a lady sitting outside. I felt partly that we should stop and talk with her, but since I’m a person who really seeks a more confident assurance, I asked Sister M what she felt. She had no opinion so I met myself in the middle and rationed that we could go after visiting the person we’d first intended to see. Well, the person we first intended to see was a gated house, no luck.
img_1408Sister Modolon at the gate 

We went back to the next street and parked the car, unsure how we could naturally approach some older lady at 8:52pm. There were two other people with her now. A young woman, probably around our age, and a middle aged woman. We introduced ourselves, apologized for the time of day, and asked if we could come back another time to share more about Jesus Christ. The middle aged woman quickly let us know that they were all uninterested, but we could see clearly on the face of the younger woman that this was not the case. Unashamedly then, we asked more directly to the younger lady, Shea, if she would be interested. She told us that she works half day on Wednesday so we could come by about 2:30pm when she gets home. It was the best feeling and probably the easiest time we’ve had setting a return appointment all week! Even in the dark, she had a lot of light in her eyes.

Next we went up the street to see if anyone else was outside. And got a return appointment with a family. For us it was really amazing.

I know that God has been leading us and the people around us, too. Our goal recently has been to pray that the people will come to us, and I can testify with confidence that God is beginning now to deliver!

More stories I will try to write on paper later today. 😉
Loves, Sister Carlsen.

p.s. Only would a missionary accidentally read the word “play” as “pray” and not realize it until the end of the story…. hahaha!

Editor’s note: this is the story to which Aubrey was referring. Cousin Matilyn is seven, and niece Gretyl is six. And, although it is a beautiful thought of them praying together, I’m pretty sure they were playing. 🙂


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