Dogs . . . . .

24 August 2016

Dear Sister,

I don’t remember if I told you this already or not, but Sister Modolon is really afraid of dogs. And, here in Hawai’i, everyone has dogs. In my other areas, you could be pretty confident that they were tied up or secured behind the gate. In Makawao, that confidence isn’t quite so available, and we come across loose dogs fairly often. My opinion, as you know, is that even the big and scary looking dogs are nice if you treat them sweetly. People think I’m crazy sometimes, but so far it hasn’t failed me! In fact, more than several times I’m told by owners, “careful he bites,” or “I’m surprised you even got past.” God is pretty good. Sister Modolon, however, isn’t quite so trusting, so basically any dog encounter is traumatizing. I’ll admit there have been a few pups that at first gasp seemed to be a close call, but always, even if the adrenaline rushed, I can say “Hi puppy!” to those guard dogs and pretend I was never nervous in the first place.

One time a huge silver bulldog came busting out of a house just as we were walking up and ran straight into Sister M’s legs. Thankfully it actually was a nice puppy (grown-up). I had a good laugh, but truly, if it hadn’t been, goodbye to the legs! That was a few weeks ago and since then her PTSD levels have spiked. I mean on guard 100% of the time. A Chihuahua barks and she tenses, ready to run. Anyway, a few days ago (or like . . . two weeks, I guess) we were tracting and Sister M’s senses went up, positive there was an unleashed dog somewhere. She stayed back in the driveway trying to peek around the garage while I continued on up to the front step. Mid knock some dog came rushing out, barking right up to Sister Modolon (since she was the one still in sight). She yelled to me, “Seeeester!” She totally panicked, and what did I do? Nothing but fumble for words and this is the only understandable thing that came out, “EMMA!” Better believe it!

The dog turned out to be ancient and totally harmless, and about a 4th of a second after that realization set in I, of course, was laughing. The owner came around the corner with me still shocked and confused and silly about the whole 3-4 second incident. We got a return appointment. It was chill. As we left Sister M said to me, “Wow you called me your little sister’s name?” Seriously Em the only thing that came to my mind at the moment I wasn’t thinking. Sister M said, “You really love me!” And I do. But what I felt from the whole experience was how much I really love YOU. Missing you bunches.

Thanks again for the birthday bracelet and folded potato chip!

Love, Aubrey


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