Rain in Makawao


19 September 2016

My family is amazing.

A few thoughts. Read the talk by Elder Dallin H. Oaks called  “The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood”, and the article in the August Ensign called “Being a woman: An eternal perspective.” Maybe something in that can help with the lesson?

Your descriptions of home are so trunky! (I did describe this word already, yeah?) No worries though, being a missionary I have learned well to compartmentalize.

In Kaneohe, my companion and I were the chorister every week, so we always sat on the stand, you know, where everyone can see us the entire time… and one day the sacrament cups. Hoi, they were extra special. I swear they were meant to be thrown in the dishwasher and reused that plastic was so sturdy. Anyway, the clinks were so loud. And I, even though I’m a missionary now and should probably be able to stay serious through these sorts of things, was having the hardest time not laughing. It was hilarious, mom! The next week they had the same kind. I took some deeper breaths and remembered my ponderings throughout the week and decided it wasn’t a funny sound. It was a beautiful sound, the sound of many renewing their covenants. True, yeah? But still I prefer the paper cups, as well. 😉

Dad is in Japan?! Ask him to get me some of those .38 mm unibal pens. And extra for you guys too, because they are to die for.


Man oh man. Life is good and rainy out here.

Well actually, it rained a lot on Monday and Tuesday and then it was relatively dry for Makawao standards the days following. Probably better that way because it usually takes more than a minute or two for the rivers to clear out of the roads. For real, waterfalls coming off the winding slopes of the roadways in Haiku. It was pretty divine, but you can bet I made Sister Molodon say some prayers that we would not hydroplane down and off into some gulch. God heard us.


I felt a lot of strength this week. My spiritual endurance some days is not what it should be, but I’m never drained so much that I cannot soak up the tender mercies that He offers to sustain me. My companion is a doll and we meet so many wonderful people every day, each wonderful in their own way.


Sister Modolon with the harvest

I will write a letter I think because sometimes typing doesn’t really flow for me.

I’m doing well. And keep praying you are, too.

Much love,



p.s. News came. I’ll be hooooome for Christmassssss. Youuuuuuu can count on meeeeeeee. Please have snooow………… and mistletooooe, and really warm clothes for me to put on as soon as I step off the airplane 😉 Love you!


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