26 September 2016

Life has been so incredibly full the past week. And fast. Which, whenever I think about, is pretty funny because I can remember still very clearly how slow life really was about a year ago. I hope I never lose the brightness of the memories, though. So many I can recall from sun up to sun down more exactly than I can recall yesterday. Slight exaggeration, but I’m sure you understand. My mind is so full now, brim with people’s names and lives and struggles. It is such a blessing, but sometimes I worry that perhaps I’m already showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

A list to start,

Alfred is getting baptized on the 8th of October! It is such a dream, he has been converted for weeks now and it’s such a blessing to be able to be with him through this process. Another tender mercy about it: he is 82 years old.

I have always wanted to baptize an older person! I am grateful to know that people can change and there are those who are not too hardened in their ways to acknowledge truth when it comes to them no matter the time they may have left. My faith has really been strengthened.

I don’t mind rain anymore.

Sister Berlinda Akinaka took us shopping today. MAX jeans dress, super comfy, perfect length, I am so blessed. She is sooooooo sweet!

Our car battery died on Wednesday. Which kind of made me happy because I’d noticed the car had been getting slower and slower to start over the past few weeks but no warning lights had come on, so I just took deep breaths and hoped. Maybe it’s because it’s been cold? Hahahaha. Right. Anyway, we went to fill the tank and when I turned it back on it was clearly struggling a tad bit. So, when Sister Modolon hopped back in the car I told her that I was a little worried that we would get in the car at 5 a.m. Thursday morning to go to the airport for Honolulu only to have our car not work. She goes, “Why?” I said, “Listen.” Turned the car off–turned it back on.

Or rather tried to.  It didn’t work, at which time TIWI says to us, “Warning: Car battery may be low.”

Spoken 20 minutes earlier and TIWI might have actually been appreciated.


Anyway, we pushed the car to the side, said a prayer, tried starting it again a few times. Called Brother Singh. Took a walk hoping to find someone with jumper cables and came back, determined to make it work. One last turn in the ignition and it started right up! Miracles. We took it to town, I guess several of the 2013 Toyotas in the mission have been dying and they just need new batteries. The lady asked how we’d gotten it to start,

“Prayer,” we told her.

Her subtle reaction and acceptance is something I will never forget.

Needless to say, it was a pretty great moment and even though our Wednesday kind of jumped through the window, I’m very thankful that our car died then and not the next morning.

Tuesday was a day of deep waters for me. It isn’t easy, but I really have grown to appreciate the weak and low and doubtful days because then I can better acknowledge the strength when it comes. God is helping me to fortify myself, that is for sure.

Thursday we got to see the Christmas video. I’m sooooo sorry you have to wait until after Thanksgiving. We watched it twice. I got teary twice. The church is certainly not run by man, this is a witness I keep receiving. We are mortal and imperfect, but His organization is 100% divine.

Love you guys, I’ll try to write a letter about the prettier things.

–Sister Carlsen

p.s. Women’s Conference was amazing, yeah? Also, I come home Saturday December 17th, by the way–11:51 a.m. Pocatello.

Confessions of two sister missionaries





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