10 September 2016

Dear Mom,

I am so sorry for all of those Saturdays and Sundays and weekdays when I took naps or slept in. The ones when you tried to wake me up to be productive or have company but I insensitively refused. I am so grateful for how much you love us. Never again will I sleep in on a Sunday morning. Unless you’re sleeping too. But even then . . . maybe instead I’ll be up practicing my egg making skills since the past four I’ve made have either broken yokes or overcooked yokes (perhaps not using a spatula is a factor). Anyway, I really love you and from now on if you’re awake, I’m awake right along with you. If I’m awake??? depending on the time, you can probably go to bed. 😉  I’ll still believe you love me, too. But only because I’m (somewhat) grown up.

You know, I have pondered on it several times throughout my life now, both in the moment, and as an afterthought what amazing parents you were (and are now). One time I was emailing Kate about it and rhetorically I asked her and myself, exactly what was it that made you two so naturally perfect and yet so incredibly hands-off? There are many many other examples of course, but I think this one speaks thousands of words: you never go to bed until we and all your guests are home and settled in, too. Such a wonderfully silent and incredibly selfless thing to do. Maybe it’s because I’m away from my first home and I miss you, but that train of thought actually makes my eyes a few drops wetter than normal. You really love us. I always say to people that there are three things that bring the purest of joy in life (all subtopics under the gospel in one way or another): food, family, and sleep. Between you and Dad? You made it 202% clear that family trumps all. I want to keep that tradition rolling. I can see now the extreme humility required. And above all else, love. Our family is not perfect, for sure, but I know that so long as we continue to try to better understand each other and choose more often to accept our perhaps offhanded ways of expressing our love to one another, all will turn out well.

My prayers are always for you guys 🙂

–aloha aubrey–

finished Sept 12, 2016


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