Idaho Sass

3 October 2016

Dear Mom. Everything you do is meaningful to me. Literally, everything.

We saw David at the Eyres this week. He was helping Jonah skin pig heads and grind meat. I really love these people. We might get to butcher chickens with them next time; we’ll see.

We wanted to seem natural so we asked them if they knew where Diane lived (met her in Hali’imaile, but she told us she stays on their street, Burns place). David goes, “That’s my neighbor. But today’s not a good day.” To which I responded, “David, where is your faith?!” You know, a little Idahoan sass woven in. It was funny for all of us. He made some comment about logic and we told him that we’d give her a try anyway and show God some trust. Diane was tired (two young kids) but totally sweet! And now our card is magneted to her fridge.

I actually don’t know if David has had the real lessons before. I’ll try and find out this week.

*Dallin H Oaks as quoted by W. Mark Bassett in the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference: “Some things can be learned only by faith.” And then he quoted like 70% of my favorite verse. My thought: let Him guide our learning. He has the wisdom and foresight to do so. But never let us forget that God’s timetable is Timeless.

**I finished another journal 🙂

Hope you’re having a good week! All my love and prayers,


Dad, I’m sorry your motorcycle trip got cut short, and I am grateful for the email and picture you sent to me about Papa and Chicki. Glad things seem to be looking up! The family is most certainly evolving. Thank you for raising us and continuing to raise us in your(s and Mom’s) way. Eternity is going to be pretty wonderful!


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