October 13, 2016


Thank you sooo much! About 17 times throughout each day I wish for one of two different things: 1) for time to slow down, or 2) for time to speed up. The past 24 hours however have definitely been more weighted towards the latter. Yesterday was a totally great day–it just lasted forever. Today has been more simply LASTING FOREVER, and that tender mercy of a happy package and note has been such a relief and blessing.

You and Dad are inspired. It makes me sad that he’s felt bad though. I know that there has been more than enough adventures, expected and unexpected, and it was never my intent to add to the list of items pending attention. The family’s physical and emotional health comes always before these kinds of things.

I told Sister Modolon, when she asked me, that I was excited to go home. Then she told me that she thinks I am the only missionary she’s ever heard say that. I don’t know why it has become such a taboo to be honest about this kind of thing. Just because I am excited to be home doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to serving the rest of my mission, yeah? The end will come anyway and I’m positive that when it does and after it does, I’ll wish the time had gone slower and I could do it over again (eh, some parts). But all of this is inevitable, at least for me, so I might as well be happy rather than dreading. I don’t want the end to come too fast, but I’m okay that it is coming. Last full transfer, here I go!


Much Love,

Sister Carlsen

 p.s. And now I sit wondering how it’s possible that half the day is gone already?



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