Mormon Things

7 November 2016

Wow. The tree looks so big!

Things are good here in Maui.  Our sweet investigator (now turned life-long friend) Kirsten is getting baptized on the 19th, and I couldn’t be more excited!  She’s the kind that God surrounded with Mormon’s until she finally began to recognize it as a sign, at which point, she showed up to church all on her own.  So many blessings.  She’s been investigating with us for a while now; she’s a very thorough kind of person in this way.  For some time she was set with a tentative date, but some days it seemed a little too far in the air.  Still, God is good, and it made my heart so happy when we felt to ask her, “So, how are you feeling about Mormon things?”  The tension, if there’d been any, released and she said to us, “Man, that is the perfect question . . . I have actually been feeling really good.”

Uncle Llew.  I really love him, more than can be said with words.  He gave me the sweatsuit.  He’d had it all bagged up already at the door, ready for whenever it was we came by.  And shoots, those sweats were just in time!  I think when I come home I want to get them printed: “Llew gave me these,” just subtle kind.

As Sister Karitea would say, “Man, the time’s so fly.”

Sorry so brief.  Just know that I am praying for your Relief Society lesson and Kate’s school and for everything else, also.

Much love,

Sister Carlsen



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