Rainbows, everyday

21 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! On my calendar at home it says it in Hawaiian, but I never did memorize it. Sorry. Anyway, this week I am giving thanks for a lot of things.

For one, I am so grateful to be able to stay in Makawao with Sister Karitea and only Sister Karitea for my last half a transfer! I never felt in my heart that I would be leaving, but that didn’t stop me from being unnecessarily concerned for a few days thinking that because I have a specialty departure date, out of convenience I would either go back to O’ahu and/or be in a trio. Silly, since I know what is convenient for us is not always what is convenient for God.img_1786

Love my companion!

The end is coming so fast. I told one friend, it’s like being on a long flight: You don’t realize how fast you’ve been traveling until you’re on the descent and about to touch down. The closer the end of the mission gets the more I have anxiety about its actual arrival.

In Makawao we see rainbows literally every day. So much so that it’s practically excusable to take it for granted and not to raise it to anyone’s attention. Every once in a while, though, there’s one super close by. For real, you can see where it meets with the ground and changes the hue of the greenery at that place. I’ve learned for myself, however, the reality of the impossibility of physically reaching the end or ever passing under these rainbows. The bows move forward as we move forward, and part of me wishes that this is the way the mission could be.

But of course I am so excited to be back with you again! You know, to contribute my own things to family “discussions” and hear all the funnies with my own ears. I really love you guys.

And honestly, this whole rainbow metaphor is how I hope and plan to live the rest of my life: I will bring my mission home with me.

Kirsten got baptized on Saturday, and we had a Pie Party. I don’t know if it was this and all of the other wonderful things that happened this week, or my new smile therapy that’s caused it, but I have felt excessively happy the past few days, more than usual, and it is amazing. The kind spirit has been with us where ever and I am so grateful.

Kirsten’s baptism

Another thing I am grateful for is study time, of which there is not enough. I have really gained a surer testimony this week of how if we do it with the right amount of humility and desire, we can study the same things over and over and still gain new insights. My mind has been so expanded in the smallest but still profound ways and it really makes my heart swell.

I’m grateful that I miss Llew. We’ve really been doing just fine, I am so grateful to have so many things to be doing, that certainly helps, though there was a moment once when we pulled in at home Saturday night after the ward’s festivities when I was reminded, that we cannot just show up at his house at 8:45 p.m. and expect him to impart to us of his wisdom. He is/was such a good man.

I’ve said it multiple times, serving a mission allows us to live and gain an extra lifetime of experience. The number of talks we give; questions we ourselves ask and are asked in return; the number of times we pack to move then unpack or help others pack to move, then unpack; the amount of time we spend in church buildings; time spent studying, testifying, walking, driving, being caught in the rain. It all doubles. Especially in regards to the number of people we meet, get to know, gain wisdom from, and come to love. All the positives are multiplied, and the apparently-negatives are, too. The mission also exposes us to much more heartbreak and opposition in the form of doubt, death, divorce, illness, financial struggle and hard-heartedness. Because of the mission, my experience by the end of my mortal lifetime will be at least double what it would have otherwise been.

It’s true, though. God experiences all of that more, too, and because of his wisdom and perspective, they all are able to amount to joy.

The Gospel is all encompassing and that is what makes it unchanging and eternal. I continue to learn how much more we have to learn.

I’m trying to be more wise, and grateful, and full of charity for the rest of my life. It’s a struggle but a good one, and I’m grateful to have you as an example.

Love you so much Mom!

And all of the family, too, both those who do and don’t read this. 😉

Aloha, Aubrey

Pie Party!

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