Days pass more quickly than seconds

10 November 2016

Awkward things, awkward things . . .

  1. I somehow managed to grab an unmatching envelope.
  2. I bought this over four weeks ago, thinking I had plenty time to send it off, which, I did. But then I forgot and now I’m really confused that I actually bought this so long ago when it doesn’t even feel that way.

The days pass more quickly than the seconds do.

Man, oh man. Five more weeks left. ( This was a handwritten Halloween card mailed four weeks ago.) People ask sometimes how I feel about that and it’s a little bit inadequate to answer with any one emotion. Usually I tell those people that I am confused. I know that much for sure.

So much time has past. My best friends are practically all married. Also confusing.

Yesterday we had dinner with the Bantilan Ohana. They are good people. The kind that hand out Plan of Salvation pamphlets to strangers and do favors for people all week long with no expectation for compensation kind of “good people.” Really, so good. Anyway, Sister Bantilan has a love for the church like no one I have ever met before (other than Sister Walter). She takes “eyes to see, ears to hear” to quite a beautiful level. They were recently at some sort of seminar for parenting foster children–another cool thing they do–where she learned that fun fact that goes something like “the part of our brain that helps us understand and make rational decisions isn’t fully developed until we’re in our mid 20’s.” She took this immediately as yet another testimony of the brilliance and divinity of the church. It’s a testimony to me also. I’m very grateful for a church that was organized in such wise ways before man ever grasped the depth and reach of that wisdom. God sends young missionaries for probably more than one purpose, but I know that He does it just as much out of love and concern for the 18-26 year olds serving as He does for the people He sends us to serve, if not more. Sometimes it seems like serving others is quite possibly the most selfish thing you can do. I know my mind has certainly evolved and been molded in so many positive ways as I have been striving NOT to be a hinderance in God’s molding of the minds of those He’s blessed us to work with. HE is so kind.

Love and miss you,



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