beginning byu life

I prayed today to find a friend to accompany me to the Tuesday devotional (since I had no idea how to get there, and also just, I need friends, so yeah). I gave Him my faith, walked to school, and in an effort not to have a repeat of yesterday, sat down in class by a girl and immediately attempted to begin conversing.

The smiles and nods came easy as they did in the mission. A real blessing.

I discovered she is from a place in Arizona near to where Sister Whipple (from the mission) grew up, but they don’t know each other.

In class they asked who’d travelled to where and for what. Hawaii was mentioned. Ninety percent of the hands raised, which the professor was quick to point out. It made me sad to see how many people have been sorely deprived of Hawaii, which in from my view includes both those who did and did not raise their hand.

For lots of other places mentioned, our professor asked who had been as a missionary. HE didn’t do that for my place, but that’s okay. I’d like to keep it closer to my heart and more personal anyway. I really miss the mission in ways that I cannot, or mostly will not at this time, completely expand upon…

[A simple thing: I miss having so many prayers a day. And I’m grateful NOW for the Do Not Disturb setting on the phone.]

…Paige, the girl I sat by, I asked her when class let up if she was going to the devotional. She said no and I was a little confused and disheartened, directionally challenged and alone. So I left class then and passed by who I thought was an old friend from high school. I didn’t stop because I wasn’t sure, and instead walked to the bathroom, where I determined to go back and take another look to see if it was.

And it was, and I talked with her, and it was an immense blessing.

God is so good. I did not have to wander and be alone. It’s a small thing, but I could not be more thankful for the tender mercy to remind me that one doesn’t need a name tag on the chest to receive those small though not-so-small kinds of helps. A name tag in the bag and [OR] on the heart suffices quite alright.

Aloha, Aubrey


One thought on “beginning byu life

  1. You are so awesome! You will never be alone. Our heavenly father will always provide so that we can always have a companion.

    Much Love,

    Darlynda Atkinson


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