hymn no. 7

the link if you wanna listen:


I know my Hawaiian family will make fun of me for saying this, but here goes anyway: [another] ONE OF MY FAVORITE PASSAGES OF SCRIPTURE IS.. haha. Really though.

Alma 5 is always a goodie. And verse 57 reads:

And now I say unto you, all you that are desirous to follow the voice of the good shepherd, come ye out from the wicked, and be ye separate, and touch not their unclean things; and behold, their names shall be blotted out, that the names of the wicked shall not be numbered among the names of the righteous, that the word of God may be fulfilled, which saith: The names of the wicked shall not be mingled with the names of my people.

It is so beautiful to me.

There’s a lot that we can get tangled up in throughout life. Roughest bit is that it’s super easy to get caught, too. It is far too easy to find oneself coated in the thick molasses of self pity and self doubt and doubting our Father, too. Most days I feel at least a few seconds frustration at the oblivion of the world we live in and the people we live around. But we’re all trying for the same thing, yeah?

On those days, or rather, in those sporadic moments that come some days, and on others not, when I feel beat down for whatever the reason may be. This song, “Israel, Israel, God is Calling” always comes to me.

We each can be and are Israel, if and when we listen to that beckon to “come.. out from the wicked, and… be separate, and touch not their unclean things.”

Remembering this gives power to have Zion in our heart despite the mud of the world that is becoming near impossible to avoid.

May we all be more aware of the brilliance, beauty and relevance of these lyrics that were written more than a century ago, based in doctrines established before the world began:

Israel, Israel, God is calling,
Calling thee from lands of woe.
Babylon the great is falling;
God shall all her tow’rs o’erthrow. …
Come to Zion, come to Zion,
And within her walls rejoice. …
Come to Zion, come to Zion!
Zion’s walls shall ring with praise.
Aloha, Aubrey

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