secret prayer

listen to Secret Prayer:

Well, I googled it and couldn’t find the source, but I heard once that there was a prophet who, when asked how many times he prays each day answered with something of the like,


Then, according to the way I have it paraphrased in my mind, he continued,

“I start in the morning, and don’t finish until I fall asleep at night.”


I have loved this so much, and have been able to feel immense comfort on the hardest of days for doing this. Many a time I have found myself too comfortless to close my prayer and instead stubbornly tell my Heavenly Father that I’m not going to say “In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen,” just yet, because I want him to stay. [Yes, I know He doesn’t leave us either way, but still]. God will never resent us for this kind of thing. He simply cannot. No, my anxiety has never completely dissipated because of these extended prayers, but what has been given to me in many of these moments—likely more often and more abundantly than I have ever recognized—is the ability to function and endure despite the turmoil, internal or external.

I have confidence that the more often we pray, the more specific our prayers can become. And the more fulfilling also. I’m not too proficient at it, in fact, I need to work on it probably more than most.

May we all, together, work to set aside that time for peace and rest when we can share our burdens with the Lord, humbly acting upon the guidance which He will give is my prayer.

Aloha, Aubrey


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