faith to act

This week we had discussion to compare two significant Book of Mormon Characters: Alma the Younger and Korihor. Each of these stories are stories that I have long been familiar with, but never until today had I seen them so side-by-side. The emergent doctrines were wonderful.

For the beginning of his life, Alma the younger lived precisely as Korihor lived—going about trying everything possible to breakdown the Church of Christ.

Then came the time when each of these men were struck dumb by the Lord for their unrighteous actions and desires to deceive those around them. All around, their come-to-Jesus processes are quite identical, except for one thing: Korihor, after long-professing to be a stark atheist, then weakening to agnostic, and finally confessing “and I always knew that there was a God” (Alma 30:52)… despite all this apparent progress, manifest though his verbal confessions, he never actually came to Jesus.

Korihor asked for a sign, and he got a sign. But still, this did not change his heart.

From this it is clear that believing does not always equate to faith, and especially not necessarily to the amount required to drive us to action.

Faith enough to drive us to action is a necessity, for it is the only characteristic that truly sets us apart from Satan and his Angels. They see, they believe, in fact, they know—but they chose long ago that they would never accept and act accordingly.

Korihor was condemned to die in his sins, but no matter how distant we feel we are from spiritual success and worthiness, we are not condemned to the same fate. Alma the younger is our example and our hope, we ,like he did, have the power to choose to act on our faith, however little it might at this time be, rather than idly believing. God has promised he will not reject us long as we do, and I trust Him.

Aloha, Aubrey


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