Guide Us, [O Thou Great Jehovah]

“Guide Us, O Thou Great Jehovah”

Listen here:

My favorite lines in this hymn?

Guide us, O thou great Jehovah.


We are weak, but thou art able; Hold us with thy powerful hand.


Holy Spirit, feed us till the Savior comes.


Open, Jesus, Zion’s fountains; Let her riches blessings come.


Let thy fiery, cloudy pillar guard us to this holy home.


When the earth begins to tremble, bid our fearful thoughts [hearts] be still.

Yes, that is in fact about 90% of the song minus repeats. It is so beautiful, and every time I have sung it or heard it sung there are pieces that bring a stronger spirit. Still, the more I look at the lyrics and reflect upon them, especially boiled down as I have laid it out above, the greater the love I have for these pleadings. A hopeful, faithful prayer is what it is. This song puts to words what I have so many times wanted and needed to express and ask to Heavenly Father in my own prayers yet could not quite formulate because the thoughts in my brain are nearly always only as graspable as fumes and vapors.

May we all keep a version of this in our hearts so as to calm us in the anxious moments that arise throughout our days. I can assure you, my moments are many.

Aloha, Aubrey


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