warm feelings

This week my gospel study has consisted of reviewing the addresses that were delivered throughout the past weekends of General Conference. One talk that really penetrated my mind and heart was the talk given at the commencement of Conference last Saturday morning by President Henry B. Eyring. His primary focus, gathering God’s children through family history work, was truly inspiring, but what stood out to me the most was one principle which I find to be even more universally applicable.

President Eyring said this:

“…as you follow the promptings to learn about your family history, you may discover that a distant relative shares some of your facial features or your interest in books or your talent for singing. This could be very interesting and even insightful. But if your work stops there, you will sense that something is missing. This is because to gather and unite God’s family requires more than just warm feelings.”

To me, this last line was the most motivational of all. So many times throughout our days and weeks and years and entire lives, we see, feel, hear, learn, or experience something that leaves us with a great desire to do more and/or be more. Yet so many of us rarely change anything about our lives because of these experiences. I am one of these people, victim to my own inability to move to action to make a difference for myself and for others. Becoming, for ourselves, those around us, for God, requires much more than just warm feelings. I know this. We all know this.

It is my hope that from this moment, we all may allow those warm feelings to fuel us to change—even the small things—that we might be better at rising to the occasion and meeting those warm feelings with real intent to do.

Aloha, Aubrey


One thought on “warm feelings

  1. Hi, interesting that you mention family history. I am going to be starting a family history class tomorrow. I have taken family history classes before but I am very excited about this one. I have so much information to explore and catalog that I hope I can actually make some progress. Take care. Love forever, Gmom.

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